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Australian Genealogy & History Blogs | Unlock the Past

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Australian Genealogy & History Blogs

Below is a list of Blogs relating to Genealogy or History from Australians. These contain important news, updates about resources, events, how tos, tips and general ramblings about all things history in Australia. If you know of any others that you think should be here please tell us - email inquiries@unlockthepast.com.au

1st Field Company Engineers 
This research project is dedicated to the memory of the  206  “original”  men who formed the 1st Field Company Engineers – Australian Imperial Force 1914 -1918 and includes the  23 “original” men of the 1st FCE Reinforcements.

1st Fleet and Beyond

This site has been created to assist with the research of the Lyons, Barton, Buglass, Thorn, Robson and Critchley families from the First Fleet through to today. 

5000 Poppies 
A Community Tribute of Respect and Remembrance.

A Bit of Everything 
Sometimes about the places we see or where we go, sometimes about our history ....

A Family's Inheritance 
Peter is a fourth generation Loveday who has a passion for developing his family's history.  

A Pocket Full of Family Memories
Debra has a passion for family history, memoirs, old photographs, vintage postcards, historical and gothic novels, London, WWII history and cats.

A Rebel Hand 
Nicholas Delaney: an United Irishman, transported convict, Sydney roadbuilder, NSW farmer, publican and ancestor. 

A World Away - South Australia's War
This blog documents the experiences of South Australians on the front lines and from the home front during the First World War, in their own words, through diaries, letters and newspapers.

Craig Smith is the author of this blog, and his aim is the write about his first family members to arrive in Australia, bust a few myths and add in some DNA discoveries.

AcKnowledge Consulting
Largely a business site, however it does include family history of the De La Rue family.

Adelaide Remember When
Bob Byrne's blog started out as a bit of fun, sharing on Facebook some of his memories of Adelaide and of growing up from the 50’s to the 80’s, and has now developed into a fun obsession! 

Adventures in Biography: Life, Writing and Life Writing
This is the blog of Michelle Scott Tucker, who is writing a biography of Elizabeth Macarthur. The biography will examine Elizabeth's life in context - as a woman, an officer's wife, a white colonist, a farmer, a mother, an employer and as an ambitious person keen to cement her family's future. The blog also includes Michelle's observations about life, writing and life writing.

AIF Online Museum
An online collection of artifacts from the Australian Imperial Force, 1914-1919.

Ancestor Envy 
Bob McAllister of Queensland records some of the joys and frustration in piecing together his family history.

Ancestor Search 
Jan's road to discovering the stories of the Sullivan, Roberts, Hawton and associated families. 

Kerryn's personal blog researching the author's ancestors - a tribute to the lives of her ancestors. 

Miriam's blog about her genealogical research: her triumphs, her challenges, her research notes, plus links and tips.  

Ancestors Within
A personal blog, that includes lots of useful information for researchers as well. Watch the past come alive as you find the ancestors within you.

The official blog from Ancestry.com.au.

Ancestry Central
Family Tree and Ancestry research servicecs. An experienced Researcher and Investigator (UK) offering specialist services to descendants of families originating in the United Kingdom. Offering a special emphasis on Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Android Genealogy
This is a blog for everyone with an interest in genealogy and Android phones or tablets.

Anne's family history
This blog is created by Anne Young to tell the stories that relate to people in her family tree.

Annie's Heart to Heart
This blog helps people with various aspects of their own personal history.

Anzac Centenary 
This blog commemerates the Victorians who fought in the First World War. Their goal is to share Victoria's stories and make connections.

Archival Access Victoria
Archival Access Victoria goes into detail of records that you will find at the Prublic Record Office of Victoria (PROV), providing details of their codes and description and how it can be used in your research.

Are you my father?
This is the story of Julie's life-long search for the answers to exactly who she is and where she came from. An adoption and reunion story. 

Andrew S. Bowman is the curator and historian for the Carnamah Historical Society, a genealogist, and museum worker at the State Library of Western Australia.

As They Were
Keep up to date with the latest happenings from Clare Roots Society Transcription Groups...and Irish news in general. 

Asian Australian News
This is your portal to all news Asian-Australian related, and includes some relating to Asians in Australian history.

Auld Genealogy
Follow Jonathon Auld as he researches the Auld family. His blog entries are great for others who are also researching family histories, he shows useful information about where and how he finds information.

Aunt Ruby Remembers
A comment about life now and looking back into past times.

Aussiemandas Ancestry
Aussiemandas Ancestry is the culmination of over 30 years of research and what has taken my interest in the field of genealogy.

Australia @ War
This blog advises users of any updates to the "Australia @ War" website and any other items of interest.

Australian Family History
Useful information for Australian family history research. New websites, online data and indexes.

Australian Genealogy Journeys
A personal blog by Aillin, this blog shares her ideas, news, discoveries, successes and failures as she researches her Australian family history as well as the lives of her Irish, English and Welsh ancestors.

Australian Genealogy News
This blog shares resources, web sites and news items which are of interest to Australian genealogists and family historians.

Australian History for Genealogists
This is a blog with articles and links especially for people who wish to learn more about the story of Australia in relation to their ancestors.

Australian War Memorial
This blog is where the AWM writes about what is happening at the Memorial. Topics cover the exhibitions they are working on and what they're doing with items in various collections. There are stories about people, places, events and objects, and reports from battlefield tours.

Avoca during WW1 
Avoca is a small town in Central Victoria, Australia. This blog looks at the experiences from people in Avoca during World War 1.  

The 'Back Fence' of Genealogy
A personal blog from geneablogger Crissouli about all things genealogy and history. Her blogs include poems, books and memories from childhood, photogrraphs and interesting information of people, places and things from the past.

A family history blog discovering the facts and stories in the history of a family in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, with an interest in births, marriages and deaths and everything in between.

Becoming Prue
Meet Prue: she's a wife, twin, mother of three young children, botanical artist, botanist, embroiderer, family historian, gardener and Christian. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and her ancestry is mainly of English, Scottish and German origins. Follow her journey to find her ancestors ... "all the people who came before me to make me who I am".

Blackwood Soldiers Project
A project aimed at collecting and publishing the personal stories of sailors, soldiers and nurses from Blackwood, South Australia and surrounding district (Coromandel Valley, Upper Sturt, Cherry Gardens, Eden Hills and Belair) from their service in the First World War.

Blogs for Family Historians
Another of Carole Riley's blogs, this one gives great advice for family history bloggers.

Blond and LeBlond Genealogy
A personal blog relating to the Blond and LeBlond families in Australia.

Bobby Family Tree
A personal blog, Bobby has been researching since 2007, and has found his research takes him (not necessarily literally) to Poland, Ukraine and forced labour WW2 in Nurnberg, Germany, s well as New South Wales, and Kent in England.

Boer War Memorial Canberra
This unofficial blog was created privately to help lift the public profile of efforts to construct a National Boer War Memorial in Canberra.

The Boggo Blog
Chris Dawson write the Boggo Blog, and this is his blog on Brisbane's historic Boggo Road Gaol and a bunch of other stuff that occasionally grabs my attention from the pages of history.

Boonah One-Place Study
Boonah is a beautiful country town located about 87 km from Brisbane and nestled to the east of Mount French. Sam's one-place study will be based on the town centre and the areas of Mount French, Frenches Creek, Templin, Kents Pocket, Hoya, Dugandan and Milford. Initially the study will follow the development of this area from the year 1880 up to 1905.

Bound for Australia
Join Barbara Turner as she writes stories from the families of those brave ancestors who made the sea voyage to Australia.

Bound for South Australia
Between February and July 1836 nine ships left Britain bound for the newly created province of South Australia. Follow their journeys over 45 weeks through the weekly posts from the journals, diaries and letters of those on board.

Branches of Time 
Branches of Time is an Australian Family History service ran by Tiphanee, who has over twenty years experience in researching family history.

Bulli Black Diamond Museum & Heritage Centre 
The Bulli Black Diamond Museum & Heritage Centre was opened at in 1989. This blog helps the group share history of the region to a wider audience.

Bushrangers: Australia's Largest Gold Robbery 
Australian Outlaws in the 1800s 

But Mostly About Cats 
Neale is the author of this blog. And while the title says it's about cats, don't be fooled, as he seems to primarily blog about Australian genealogical records.

By The Bremer: Memories of Ipswich
This blog will focusses on historical information and events relevant to the Ipswich region. It also highlights programs and activities of historical interest that are held at the Ipswich Library.

Bytes & Blogs - History of Australia
The aim of this blog is to first share a journey of discovery across the Pacific and Indian Oceans towards Australia ... starting from the first rumors of this mysterious Great Southern Land byte by byte.

Caddy Scrapbook 
Research into the Caddy family from Ireland to England to Northam, Australia, by Jenny MacKay. 

Cairns and District Family History Society 
The Cairns District and Family History Society's blog is an interesting read. 

Campaspe Genealogy
A blog by Campaspe Regional Library to talk about genealogy and family history, ask questions, highlight useful sites and share tips.

Cam's Fam - The Family of James Cameron
A personal blog that traces the family and ancestors of James Cameron.

Canada Bay Connections
Canada Bay Connections highlights, photographs and history of the City of Canada Bay.

Canberra History Web
Information about the history, places and events that relate to Canberra's history.

Carnamah Historical Society and Museum
Keep up with the latest news from the Carnamah Historical Society. They aim to collect, record, preserve and promote the history of the district.

Carole’s Canvas
One of Carole's Riley's blogs. As a person of note in the Australian genealogy community, Carol has a lot of knowledge to pass on through her blogs.

Carol's Headstone Photographs
This blog, offers free digital photographs of headstones available for cemeteries in Victoria, Australia and for a few cemeteries in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales.

Cascades Female Factory History Site
Discover the stories of Australia's convict women through this blog didicated to those who were sent to the Cascades Factory in Tasmania.

Casey Cardinia – links to our past
Welcome to the Casey Cardinia Library Corporation history blog. This blog plans to keep you up to date with Heritage happenings in the Region and state wide, and also, to present snippets of historical information from the area. It introduces readers to some of the Historical Societies in the area, as well as records that area available.

Cataloguing in Gippsland
This blog contains the 'Musings of a Cataloguer at Large in Gippsland'.

Cemetery Curiosities
The work concentrates on seeking out and compiling images of funerary art. These items serve many cultural functions, primarily in the expression of beliefs about the afterlife. They might reflect the interest of a person whilst living or represent a sort of symbolic communication with the individual who has died. I am interested in this area of work as it is a fascinating way to see the exploration and expression of ideas surrounding mortality.

Chinese Australian Historical Society
The Chinese Australian Historical Society is for everyone interested in the history and heritage of Chinese people in Australia. They organise events and activities to promote a greater appreciation and understanding of the role played by people of Chinese heritage in Australia's past. And their website has information with hints for researching a Chinese ancestor and lists of resources relating to Chinese-Australian history.

Cicadas, Bees and Barge Poles
Margaret uses her blog to write stories of her forebears in Australia, Ireland and England.

Clogs and Clippers: A Family History
Stella Budrikis writes about her research into the background of her four grandparents - Thomas Henry Ward (a third generation clogger), Rosina Beales, Albert Orton (one of a line of gentleman's hairdressers - thus the clippers) and Margaret Annie Bentley. It includes information on families in England and Australia.

Cobram Genealogical Group News
Greetings from Cobram Genealogical Group in Victoria. Follow their blog to keep up with all the latest happenings and news from this Australian Genealogy Group.

Communication Guru
"Doctor Write" can assist you to develop great writing, perhaps for that family history book you've been tinkering with for years. 

Convicts Australia
This is a blog for researching Australian convicts. The author is interested in helping people find their way around the maze of resources available for convict research.

Conversations with Grandma
Genealogical journeys with Jenny Coates

Cripps-Lymburner Scrapbook 
Jenny MacKay delves into her Cripps and Lymburner lines in this blog and website. The hope is that relatives will find the site and assist in knocking down some of the brick walls or just add to their side of the family story.  

The Curry Apply Orchard 
Linda's blog is "designed to remember the past and celebrate the present".

Dance Skeletons
'Tracing our family history to Australia one skeleton at a time'. Fi is new to genealogy, and she loves shaking the tree and making those skeletons dance.

Dave's Genealogy Web Blog
Queenslander David Barron uses his blog as a way to quickly make notes showing what he's updating or researching in hiis genealogy sites.

Davis Genealogy Project
This blog is mostly for miscellaneous items of a general genealogy nature, that may be of interest to someone and are not necessarily connected to, or about, anyone on the blogger's tree. They are simply random items that the blogger has found from time to time. 

Dead Centre of Queensland
Welcome to the Dead Centre of Queensland! Kerry writes that the name is not intended to be interpreted geographically but rather as an amusing reference to her hobby of photographing the cemeteries of Queensland. And that her aim to photograph all the surviving headstones and index them.

Derek's Den 
A place for Derek's thoughts, stories and happenings...

The Desk of Karen Lee Field
Karen Henderson is this blogger's real name. And she's a reader, writer, publisher and enjoys family history.

Diary of an Australian Genealogist
One of Shauna Hicks' blogs, this will record her research (both in Australia and overseas), links, articles or newsletters she reads, family history news that excites me and so on.

Diary of E W Manifold - WWI
Edward Walford Manifold was born on 28th April 1892 and grew up in the Western District of Victoria. Together with his older brother William Herbert (Bee), he travelled to England to join the Royal Field Artillery when World War I broke out. Day by day, this blog publishes his letters home and the entries he made in his diaries, from 1915 when he was first sent to France until 1918 when his service ends.  

Military blog from 2007-2008 regarding diggers, past and present.

Do You Know
Do You Know is intended to be a less formal blog than Al Mewett's 'Who Were They' blog. Relating to the Mewett family, you'll find snippets of information about departed extended-family members and occasional photos of them.

'Doing Our Bit', Mosman 1914-1918 
To commemorate the centenary of World War One, the Mosman Library is creating an online resource (which includes a blog) to collect and display information about the wartime experiences of local service people.

Dunolly and District
A daily history blog about Dunolly and District, the little town in central Victoria.

The Dusty Box
Jessica's "The Dusty Box" blog is an extension of the Facebook page that shares snippets of information or images. This blog will share more in depth historical pieces.

Earl Grey's Irish Famine Orphans
Trevor McLaughlin has been studying and writing about the Irish Famine Orphans since the late 1970s. Using his blog now write down what he knows about Earl Grey’s Famine orphan scheme.

Earlier Years 
Take a look around. Read some stories from yesteryears. These are Carmel's family tales of yore.

Early Lithuanians in Australia 
This blog will explore the stories of those Lithuanians and their near neighbours (Jews, Poles and others) who originated in what is now the republic of Lithuania and who arrived in Australia before 1947. 

East Clare Emigrants
This is another of Pauleen's Cass's blogs, and one that she says is "a memorial to all those who emigrated from East County Clare, Ireland".

Easy Street Retreat
A personal blog by Marion about many, many different subjects including Family History. Marion's research includes a lot of information about researching in New South Wales.

Edenhope History
A blog for the Edenhope and District Historical Society.

Ellis and Fisher Families
Robyn Fisher uses her blog as a means to share her research. The names she is researching are Ellis, Howlett, Hogben, Maidment, Hollins, Kent, Edington, Rodgers, McLurkin, Fisher, Miller, Foster, Goble, Raven,Sweetland, Helyer/Helyar.

Exploring Family
Maureen has delved into the world of blogging, and shares her family stories though her posts.

Exploring Military History
This blog focuses on the Military History of Australia and aims to catalogue some of the resources that are being made available.

Family Connections
Family history is a long adventure. The aim of this blog is to record notes and stories collected when researching the history of my family.

Family Convictions - A Convict Ancestor
Follow Sharn White as she traces the journeys of her Irish convict ancestors to the Penal Colony of NSW, Moreton Bay and Norfolk Island. 

Family Fractals 
Family history is limitless – the deeper you look, the more there is to see. 

Family History Across the Seas
The personal blog of Pauline Cass, which helps her keep track of her family history in Australia and overseas, as well as related migration research.

Family History Research
Discoveries and musings of a family history researcher and instructor - including tips and hints. 

Family History South Australia
Keep up-to-date with the Family History South Australia website projects and other South Australian genealogy news.

Anecdotes and tips to help you in your search for your ancestors.

Family Matters
'Family Matters' is the State Library of Victoria's blog. It keeps readers up-to-date on all things family history related at the State Library of Victoria. The blog informs you about events, service updates, training programs and new items in their Genealogy Centre collection. It also gives research tips and links to handy family history websites. The team of writers look forward to sharing State Library of Victoria’s window on to the world of family history with you!

Family Matters
Aussie Mike writes about his family history on this blog, including his Daly family from Ireland.

The Family Memory Site
The present of the past...for the future. Dr Rie Natalenko offers help in preserving the memories of your loved ones.

The Family of Jo Mottershead
The Mottershead family tree, with photos and memories through the branches of the family.

Family Stories: Photographs and Memories
Where Diane Hewson shares family stories, memories and photos. 

Family Tree Blossoms 
Stories of our families are like blossoms. Some are beautiful stories full of life. Others are not so beautiful, like spent blossoms. Some are just buds as we try to find more information about them. Other stories may be like the loose stones under the tree-not related to the family at all. 

Family Tree Frog
Visit Alex Daw's Family Tree Frog blog for the latest in her quest to find her family, and her participation in the genealogy blogging scene.

Fanning Family History
Authoured by Kathleen Fanning, she started family history a few years ago, and decided to focus on her paternal side, the Fannings. Originating from Thurles, Co. Tipperary, in Ireland. She shares her research of her Fannings both in Ireland and Australia.

Ferguson and Urie - Colonial Victoria's Historical Stain Glass Craftsmen 1853-1899 
Here you will find hundreds of articles and historic newspaper trascriptions, thousands of photographs and a goldmine of historical information, not only about Ferguson & Urie stained glass company, but also about the Colonial pioneers who were memorialised in the windows they made.

Fighting Nineteenth
A history of the 19th Infantry Battalion AIF, this is where you will find the most up to date news and information on the battalion.

Fighting the Kaiser: Coburg and the First World War 
Over a thousand volunteers with connections to Coburg, Vic, answered the call to WW1. This blog tells the stories of those volunteers and explores the impact of war and the years after the war on the town of Coburg. 

Find & Connect 
This space will be used to connect with users of the Find & Connect website in place of our previous newsletters and News site.  

Finding Family
Join Jess, and discover her obsession with family history.

Finding my Ancestors
The personal genealogy. Here he posts some of the more interesting stories from his family history together with news about updates to my website as well as other odd snippets.

Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group (FPFHG) Blog
This blog belongs to the Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group Inc. and provides readers with information on upcoming events, and other bits of genealogy interest.

Forest Range and Lenswood Local History Group
The Forest Range and Lenswood Local History Group are sharing their knowledge of the local areas through their blog. With photos of the towns, stories of pioneers, details of the groups meetings and more. Follow this blog and you'll get all the news you need relating to this area of the Adelaide Hills.

Forest Range and Lenswood History Group: World War One 
Forest Range and Lenswood community members who gave their life during World War One. 

Forgotten Tales: Stories of my Family
David Holford is an Australian living in Sweden. His blog focusses mainly on his ancestry "since I am the one writing it ... but perhaps I will also find things to write about Maria’s family. Living here we have access not just to the records, but to the sights and sounds that Maria's [Scandinavian] forbears experienced".

From Dorfprozelten to Australia
Stories and information about the Dorfprozelten Bavarian migrants to Australia. 

From Helen V Smith's Keyboard
This blog consists of genealogy musings, tips, Queensland research, new sites, and new technology.

Gallipoli Dead From Western Australia
This collaborative Project, proposed and coordinated by Shannon Lovelady, is to identify the Western Australians who died as a result of the Gallipoli campaign. 

Garrison Communications
The blog with lots about genealogy software.

Gary Blond's Genealogy
A personal blog by Gary Blond with details that relates to his family.

Gathering Dust
"Once upon a time I was actively researching my family tree and actively perusing a PhD. Both have been gathering dust. Time to give them a bit of an airing before they get mouldy..."

Geelong and District
Covering local and family history in the greater Barwon region.


A fun and lighthearted 'dictionary' blog of Genealogical related words and phrases, by Jill Ball.

Genealogical Photography Tasmania
A useful resource for those researching their family history or for general genealogy in Tasmania. 

Genealogical Society of Queensland 
A blog about all things of interest in genealogy and family history from the team at the Genealogical Society of Queensland. 

Genealogically Speaking
Meet Caitie, a young Brisbanite who has started this blog which is dedicated to her genealogy, plus other historical bits & pieces that she find interesting

Genealogists for Families Project 
"There are people trying to change this world that seems to be going down. Some people think there is nothing that can be done... But then there is you, who really do believe that it is still possible." -- Join genealogists worldwide (and our relatives and friends) who have found a simple way to make a big difference. 

GenealogyWorld (Genealogical Society of Victoria)
Keep up with the latest news from the Genealogical Society of Victoria by following their blog.

Genealogy & History News
Genealogy and history news and product announcements for Australians.

Genealogy Leftovers
A blog made by Judy Webster that focuses on family historians worldwide. 

Geni of Oz
A personal blog on family history thoughts and stories with an Aussie emphasis.

The musings of an amateur Australian genealogist excited by Web2.0 applications.

Another of Jill's blogs, this one contains events of interest to Australian Genealogists including conferences, excursions, family reunions, lectures, open days and seminars.

Jenni is South Australian and a former librarian who enjoys pursuing her family history.

Genie 1 
Based in Queensland, Louise has a business called Genie 1, which not only offer research services, but also offer one-on-one genealogy training amongst oter things. She has an associated blog which gives readers lots of useful information and tips.

A blog about Helen's ramblings through family history, both in Queensland and the world. 

Genies Down Under
Genealogy with an Australian twist. Tips, tools, technology, tricks and traps for genies doing Australian family history research.

Profiles of well-known genealogists from Australia and overseas.

Gladstone History Inc
This blog about Gladstone's (Queensland, Australia) local history. You'll find information about books, newspaper articles, radio articles, and other items of local history interest.

George Griffith’s NZ Goldrush Adventure
A blog dedicated to researching the stories behind old photographs and about George Griffith’s life in the goldrush era. 

George William Cook
Another blog by Gary Blond, this on explores the family, and those asssociated to George William Cook who was born in Brisbane, Australia on 17 August 1898. His father was William Joseph Cook and mother was Eleanor Bashford.

George's Genealogy 
George's aim is to use her blog to share photos, research and stories about and for her vast family. 

German Family Matters
Created by Eric Kopittke, Eric has been researching German familird since 1986, and has written several books to assist those researching. This blog is a must follow for everyone with German roots.

Getting Genealogy 
This is Gina's blog, and here she says that it "is a place to find information about Canberra family history events and share her thoughts."

Gol Gol Girl
A personal family history blog by Kay Sturgeon, from Gol Gol in New South Wales.

The Good the Bad and the Italian
Ambra writes about her experiences as an Italian-Australian living in Sydney and some of her posts include stories about growing up in Sydney's inner-west in the 1960s on topics revolving around family, food and home.

Googie's Genealogy Blog
A personal family history website by 'Googs'. This blog highlights some of the interesting people and places she's encountered along the way.

Greenough Pioneer Museum
The Greenough Pioneer Museum is located 19km south of Geraldton, in Western Australia. You can visit their blog and find out all sorts of tidbits relating to the Museum, and pioneers in the region.

HAGSOC Writers Special Interest Group 
The HAGSOC Writers Special Interest Group is open to HAGSOC members and provides support to develop writing skills, with the focus on writing family histories and memoirs. 

Hamley Bridge Past and Present
A history of a small, former railway town in South Australia. 

Hakwesbury Heritage and Happenings
This blog focusses on stories and information about places and people in the Hawkesbury district of New South Wales, Australia, and contains local history and family history articles plus a little bit of this and that compiled by Michelle Nichols.

Hawkesbury Historical Society 
This society ims to encourage and preserve the history of the Hawkesbury in NSW.

The Hawson Story
The history of the pioneering family of "Hawson" to South Australia.

Heritage Genealogy 
What do you really know about your family? Heritage Genealogy is a genealogy research company based in Sydney with access to the majory archives and libraries in NSW.

Scrapbook papers designed for family history projects. Beautifully designed digital vintage, heraldry, family, military, map, ladies, mens, special occasion papers, which can also be printed at office supply stores. 

The Hicks Family

An early Illawwarra family that has spread across Australia and beyond. A blog about the Hicks family who settled in Australia almost 200 years ago. 

Hinterland Writing
Hinterland Writing - Are you looking for someone to help you with writing up your family history research?

History by Helen 
This is the blog of Australian historian, Helen Stagg, BA (Melb), Dip Ed, MHist (UNE). Helen’s interests lie predominantly in the areas of Australian History and Public History.

Historian @ Work
Jen is a Historian and heritage consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. She is now back in my home town of Perth where I provide history and heritage related services. What does an Historian do all day? Read the blog and find out!

Historical Medical Miscellany
Another of Helen V. Smith's other blogs. This is relating to her interest in infectious diseases through the ages and how disease has played a part in social and family history with epidemics, archaic medical terms, medical discoveries and how they impacted on our ancestors.

Historical Romance Writing
A personal blog by historical fiction and historical romance author Lorraine Hunt Lynn. 

History and Heritage
Heritage and family history research services available from professional historian Cathy Dunn

History & Museums - Connecting!
A website to share information about History and Museums and to foster networking and support.

History From the Heart
Annie Payne is a personal historian living in Adelaide, South Australia. Her passion is helping people like you save the stories of their life before time passes and memories fade.

The History of Matt
This is the personal blog of Matt Hall, an Australian living in America. His blogs says that this 'page will be a place for processing thoughts and posting about my ancestors both in Australia and their home nations.'

History SA
News, information, interesting places, organisations and events all around South Australia. 

History Services Blog
History Services New South Wales, bringing the past to life.

Hornsby Shire Family History Group
A blog for the new Hornsby Shire Family History Group 

I Just Love History
Suzie Zada's blog on all things connected to local and family history. 

I Wasn't Blogged Yesterday
A personal blog, which includes all sorts, including some genealogy.

Illawarra Family History Group 
Encouraging the study of Australian, local and family history.

Illawarra Remembers 
As the 100 year anniversary of the Great War approaches many institutions are expanding their online collections and digitising items that related to 1914-1918. This project is coordinated by Wollongong City Libraries - Local Studies. 

Liz Pidgeon is the Local and Family History Librarian at Yarra Plenty Regional Library, in Melbourne, Victoria. Her blog covers her travels around England and America to differect historical societies and events, after winning the Margery C Ramsay Scholarship.

In the Mailbox
This blogger who thinks about archives, archivists and keeping records.

Inside History Magazine
The blog of Australia and New Zealand's newest history and genealogy magazine 'Inside History'. It is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand history and heritage, whether it’s their family’s ancestry, or in a broader social context.

Irish Graves - They Who Sleep in Foreign Lands
A collection of photos of Irish related graves. Where possible the details of birthplaces have been included.

Irish Wattle
Exploring Australia's Irish Ancestry. 

Jack's Diary
The diary of Sergeant Samual John "Jack" Drew M.M., August 1918 to January 1919

Jax Trax
This started as a travel blog by , but has since changed into her genealogy blog as well.

James O'Brien 
James's passions include radio, travel, genealogy, music, art, theatre, food, wine, and technology.

Janelle's Family Tree Addicition
Janelle's aim is to mention and tell some of the life story of her ancestors, a few at a time, and hopefully connect with other relis.

Results of some of Jenni's personal family history research which may help others.

Jenny Joyce shares with readers her thoughts on her genealogy discoveries, and genealogy events she attends.

Jennyalogy Podcast
Keep up to date with Australian genealogy researcher, Jenny Joyce's podcasts by following her podcast blog.

John Oxley Library Blog
The State Library of Queensland's 'John Oxley Library blog' encourages discussion within the community about its collections and activities.

Jottings Journeys and Genealogy
Blog about Judy Webster's own family history, travels and everyday life.

Journeaux Jinny: Opines by Jenny William Fawcett
Journeaux is the surname of my great-great-great-great grandfather. James Journeaux was a bookbinder and bookseller in Cork in Ireland. The Journeaux family were of French Hugenout descent, having fled to Ireland to avoid persecution for their religious beliefs. Journaux in French roughly translate to ‘journal’ or ‘ledger’ and Journeaux was the person who literally made either. And as I am an ‘L’ plate journalist, voila, Jinny the Journeaux.

KK Genealogy
KKGenealogy is proud to offer our family history to those interested in learning more about their ancestors than just birth, death and marriage dates. Read the stories behind the names.

Kastellorizian Association of Victoria
This is a blog site for all you 'Kazzies', in Australia and around the word, to post information on subjects and matters you would like to share.

The Keeper of Family Stories 
Julie Preston is "The Keeper of Family Stories, and she is using her blog to to introduce other family members, no matter how close or how distant, to their ancestors.

KerrieAnne's Tumblr Magnets
Where @SteelyGenes has her Genealogy Gems 

Killion and Nott Family History
A brand new blog run by Martyn Killion, who has had an extensive history with dead people. 

Ku-ring-gai Historical Society
The Ku-ring-gai Historical Society, established in 1963,  collects, preserves and disseminates information on the history of the Municipality of Ku-ring-gai. This blog is used to highlight the history and resources related to the region.

Kylie's Genes
Kylie Willison's blog for family tree research, art and technology hacking.

Leafing through Linda's Tree
This blog asks questions, tells stories and describes my dreams and goals in the quest for knowledge about Linda's family history. 

Join Margaret Hamilton on her journey of discovering her ancestors.

Letters of a Nation
In 2009 Australia Post created the 'Letters of a Nation' project to create a firsthand account of Australian life since the beginning of Australia Post. They had over 2000 letters submitted to them. Published here are the 'Top 200'.

Libraries ACT
Libraries ACT is the public library service for Canberra. It is also responsible for the ACT Heritage Library. Discover treasures in this library through their blog.

Library Currants 
Small, not always current, but fruity observations judiciously mixed with learning. 

Links in a Chain
A personal blog recording family surnames they are researching, as well as keeping a record of their progress - to find other possible family relatives, and to be a help to those who are starting out in their family research.  

Life as Daddy
A guy, his wife, and their son....and other stuff.... 

Lifetime Memories & Stories
Welcome to Lilian's Tree, a place to read about what she has been doing and a place where she'll ask for help with tricky questions. A place to connect with friends, to share ideas and to have fun. 

Lilian's Tree 

A personal blog recording personal reseach of family names, and to connect with friends and family. 

Lives Once Left Behind
Louise has started her blog to examine the adventurous life of her great grand aut, Elizabeth Margaret Lodge who was 5 when she emigrated with her parents in New Zealand, and 18 when she then left for Australia.

Living the Dream of a Family Historian 
The concept for this blog is to discuss the daily grind of life as a budding researcher/historian and to share my family with you in hope I may one day find the missing links.
Local History News Link
History and genealogy news relating to Maitland, New South Wales.

Lois Willis 
This site and blog have been set up to share my experiences researching my family history.

Lonetester HQ
A personal blog from Alona, with Australian genealogy news, events, reference posts as well as hints and tips for researchers.

Looking Up
The Dictionary of Sydney contains hundreds of new images, people, organisations and connections. This blog comments on the latest additions to and news about the Dictionary.

Lost & Found: Rediscover Forgotten Aussie Riches
From mode of transport, to cow pastures, and articles from historical newspapers, to the history of towens, it's all covered in this blog.

Lost Medals Australia
Since 2000 Glyn Llanwarne has been acquiring, researching and then returning lost medals to veterans or their families. He started out purchasing medals, however, now he is supported through donations of found medals. His blog is one of the methods he uses in trying to locate families, and tell the stories of these medals.

Lynne's Family
Lynne's blog will be used to tell the stories of her ancestors. They arrived in Van Diemen’s Land from England, Ireland and Scotland in the nineteenth century, with some arriving as convicts from Kent.

Mackay Family History 
A website for the Mackay Family History Society

The Mad Genealogist
The Mad Genealogist is a personal Australian family history blog where I share my ancestor’s past, family stories and photos.

Maffra and District Historical Society
The blog from the Maffra and District Historical Society details the history of Maffra and surrounding areas of this Gippsland town.

Manly Families
Manly Library's genealogy blog. With 3 contributors to the blog, they keep readers up with all the latest genealogy news.

Manly Local Studies 
Stories from Manly's past - local history from Manly Library. 

MAPCO is an Australian company, and their aim is to provide genealogists, students and historians with free access to high quality scans of rare and beautiful antique maps and views. Their website displays a variety of highly collectable 18th-20th century maps and plans of Australia and the British Isles. Their website is updated regularly, so to keep up with the latest news, subscribe to their blog.

Martinews: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 
Ramblings about Maureen's ancestors using the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge 

McCollier Heritage 
Family history, stories and photos.

The McWhirters Project
The McWhirters Project rediscovers what was where (and what wasn't), and unearth some of the lost and quirky from Brisbane and South East Queensland history.

Medals Gone Missing
Gary Traynor is the Administrator of the Militaria website Medals Gone Missing. The aim of the site is to reunite families with their lost heritage. 

Memories of Wagga Wagga
A blog with lots of information and interesting stories about the history of Wagga Wagga.  

Mirror Sydney 
An album of Sydney encounters by Vanessa Berry. Places unusual, overlooked, hidden and secret. 

Moonee Valley Family and Local History
This blog has been created to share information about family and local history, and the resources that are available at the Local History Room at the Sam Merrifield Library at Moonee Ponds, Victoria.

Morgan Family at Cross Keys Hotel Essendon 
This site is dedicated to Kerryn's Irish ancestors.  

Mosman 1914-1918
To commemorate the centenary of World War One, Mosman Library is creating an innovative online resource to collect and display information about the wartime experiences of local service people in the area.

My Ancestor's Arrivals
This blog details information about Suzie's ancestors - where they came from and why they came to Australia.

My Family History - Ancestors of Sally Patterson
The author of this blog is researching her Tasmanian family ancestors. An interesting blog, it includes lists of all the ancestors surnames, places they lived, convicts, and ships they came in. 

My Family History Research
This blog says that is "bits & pieces about my research". The author of the blog has been researching their family history for over 20 years in NSW and SA, and is using this blog to record the road blocks and what research they have uncovered.

My Family History Trials
Irene Dawson has a degree in history which helps her in her research. 

My Family Hunt
This blogger has been researching her Family History for over 30 years and instead of getting bored with it she is finding it is getting more exciting as she goes along. There is more and more to find and more records being released to research. 

My Family Research
Nicole Close has a passion for family history/genealogy, which she has been working on for years. 

My Family Stuff
Judy's place to indulge her passion in family history/genealogy and to share that passion with other like-minded folk. 

My Genealogy Adventure
'For as long as I can remember I have been interested in history and curious about where my family came from'. This is how Tanya St Clair Honey begins her blog.

My Marbug 
Marburg, Queensland. A friendly place to visit.  

My Mum's Drawers
Brenda Wheeler is a former veterinary nurse, now genealogist who thoroughly enjoys researching other family histories. On this blog she shares some of her own family history stories.

My Yorkshire Genealogy 
This blog is written by an Australian who is researching her Yorkshire genealogy. There are also specific references to Yorkshire-born folk who emigrated to Australia. Australian records (including very informative death certificates) may give details that are not available in the UK. 

MyHeritage Blog
The official blog from MyHeritage.com.

National Archives of Australia
The National Archives of Australia has three blog pages that can be accessed through this site.  

National Film & Sound Archive
Regularly updated, this is the blog site for the National Film and Sound Archive.  

News from the CEO
Christine McKenzie is the Yarra Plenty Regional Library's CEO, and this is one of Australia's largest and most progressive library systems. It provides library services to the City of Banyule, City of Whittlesea and Shire of Nillumbik and has eight branch and two state of the art mobile libraries.

Nola Mackey 
Nola has been involved in family history and regional history for years, and she is usiner her blog to her her finds, and what she hopes to find.

North Queensland History
Trisha is a historian who lives in Townsville, north Queensland. Her research interests include bubonic plague in Queensland, infant and maternal health in the early 1900s and NQ pioneer cemeteries, and discover the people, places and events that have shaped Townsville's past.

Now and Then
Snippets of Australian social history from newspapers and other sources. 

Odd Australian History 
This is a website devoted to the history of an area in the south east of Australia. The people who lived in the rough bush huts did their best to survive. As with any community there was a small group of individuals who were more unusual than the rest. Their true stories are the Odd History of South Eastern Australia.   

O'ver the seas we go 
Sue has been researching my family history for over 40 years and she has begun this blog to record her family tree in the digital age. 

Of My Flesh and Blood 
A personal blog telling the life stories of ancestors, by Jo Ann Fitzgerald.

Old Dandenong
This in an extension of the Old Dandenong Facebook page, with more dedtail being added about the street, building and families of old Dandenong.

Old Highercombe Museum
News and events organised by the community and the Old Highercombe Hotel Museum. 

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
Updates from Lorene McGinnis Schulze about Olive Tree Genealogy and other free genealogy records.  

On Record, CSU Regional Archives
The One Record blog is the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Archives in Wagga Wagga. It's one to follow for history about the town and its people.

On the Convict Trail
Geoff Ritchie uses his blog to create a photo blog about convict and colonial buildings, historic sites etc. in Tasmania.

Original Kin 
Lauren, based in SA, has started this genealogy blog to catalogue all her ancestors who are all very SA and UK-centric. 

Orange Family History Group 
The blog/site for the Orange Family History Group in NSW. 

Our Tribute to the Brave 
We have so many photos and collections of brave men of Maryborough QLD who have fought in many conflicts and we have gathered them here to pay tribute to their memories

Outback Family History
Moya lives in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and has worked most of her life in the history/museum industry. With a passion for history of her adopted home, the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, she uses her website and blog to provide details of records and photographs relating to the area, making them freely available to any one who is interested in the family and local history of the region.

Outback Story 
Taped interviews are being transcribed, edited and published in this blog as a historical account of life on a grazing property in outback Queensland, growing up in the bush during the 1920s (daily routines, games, education, special occasions, health and home remedies, social events, community attitudes etc), the Great Depression, the Second World War, changes in domestic technology, etc.

Overland Gold
This blog is dedicated to information relating to overland journeys between South Australia and the Victorian goldfields, particularly in the period 1851 and 1852.

A blog dedicated to the history of typewriters, and anything related to typewriters. 

Pages Past 
A personal blog, Tracey Bruce has a passion for history, archaeology, genealogy and much more. 

Celebrate, appreciate, activate, engage with and express the cultural heritage of Parramatta with activities, talks, tours, exhibitions and events. 

The Past Present
This blog is dedicated to sharing amazing images from the collection of The Past Present image archives. The Past Present is a private collection including photographs, postcards, books and other ephemera relating to the early 20th century in Australia. The main focus of the collection is Sydney, but there are also plenty of images relating to other areas of NSW and Australia’s Eastern coast.

Patsy's Paddocks 
A place for Patsy's family stories and research

Pieces of Me
Created by Michelle Nichols, this is her personal blog used to record the "stuff I find interesting, discover or write".

Pioneer Association of South Australia
This is the blog of the Pioneers Association of SA. You can read this to keep up with the latest happenings of the group.

Pixel by Pixel
A blog (connected to a website) about the restoration of old photos. 

Port Lincoln Railway Museum
History, new and events about the community of Port Lincoln, and the Railway Museum.  

Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society
This society is a totally voluntary, non-profit, incorporated organization founded in 1993 to preserve the identity of this historic port town. Dedicated volunteers collect, conserve, catalogue and make accessible to the public the heritage of the Borough.

Proformat News
The blog of Graham Januay's Proformat, a South Australian-centric genealogist. 

Queensland Genealogy
This blog is about family history researcdh in Queensland. There are articles about sources, problem-solving research techniques, interesting items at the QLD State Archives and elsewhere, and specific individuals. 

Queensland History
A celebration of Queensland history with the latest news and events, including local and family history.

This blog is about a family with the surname of Quinn, who at one time resided in the suburb of New Farm in Brisbane.  

Random Genealogy
This is another of Matt Hall's blogs. Random Genealogy is used for 'interesting things I find, mainly from early Australian settlement'.

A Rebel Hand
This is a blog about Nicholas Delaney, United Irishman in 1798, who was transported as a convict to New South Wales in 1802 aboard the Atlas II. He was a roadbuilder, farmer, publican and the blog author's ancestor.

Regimental Books
Specialising in original, rare and expanded Australian Unit Histories. 

Remembering the Past Australia
Remembering the Past Australia is a site designed for the family historian and history lover, dedicated to providing copies of original articles and resources, with the aim of shedding new light on the lives of ordinary people as they made a life for themselves and their families in colonial Australia and beyond. lian Unit Histories. With posts on convicts, voyages, bushrangers and others it's an interesting read.

The Resident Judge of Port Phillip
This is the research blog of Janine Rizzetti, who is writing her thesis on Justice John Walpole Willis, the first Resident Judge of Port Phillip. This blog includes her observations about Port Phillip in the early 1840s when Willis was resident and her observations about Port Phillip (i.e. Melbourne) and 21st century life today.

Reverse Gear 
The National Motor Museum blog, Reverse gear, cruises back through Australian motoring history and shares some personal reflections and great stories from the collection, library and workshop. Not all of our collection items can be displayed at one time so in this blog our staff and volunteers will give you a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes.  

Rookwood Anglican and General Cemetery
The blog of the Rookwood Anglican and General Cemetery in NSW. 

Roots and Branches 
Roots and Branches uses a range of specialists to best meet the needs of the clients. 

Royal Historical Society of Victoria
A blog dedicated to the activities, events, resources and publications for sale of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

Ryde Goes to War Project
This is a Project of the Ryde District Historical Society to identify & collect data for all World War I soldiers and nurses from the Ryde district of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Sarah's Window 
A journey to discover the lives of the owners of a book/diary dated from the mid 1600's

Saviel Family Research

Saviel Family History 

Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family
Thisd blog shares the stories, strategies, fun, frustration, unexpected surprises and excitement of Family History Research in Australia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales & Canada.

SeniorNew Wellington Inc
Offering computer skills and many other studying opportunities to seniors in Wellington, NZ. 

Sharn's Genealogy Jottings
Where Sharn records her personal family history anecdotes.  

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
The blog of Shauna Hicks. 

Shamrocks, Shortbread, and Shenanigans
A blog about the frustrations, adventures, brickwalls and ultimately rewards of someone searching for their origins. Some Irish (Shamrocks), Scottish (Shortbread) and Shenanigans (English) all mixed into one!

Shelley's Family Histories and Mysteries
Shelley’s Family Histories and Mysteries is Shelley Farr's personal family history blog. The stories are based on facts that she has found through her research, and she'll probably weave in some of the social history of the time as well.

Social Media and Genealogy
If you think that think that social media was made for family historians, follow this blog. Family historian are different from other people – we actually enjoy finding distant relatives and keeping in touch with them, and social media helps us to find relatives and old friends in ways that were not possible in the days of mailing lists and message boards.

South Australia Aboriginal Soldiers of the First World War
A project aimed at collecting the stories of Aboriginal soldiers from South Australia who enlisted during the First World War.

South Australian Graves Under Threat 
This is Catherine's blog which relates to the leases of graves in South Australia, and how many people are not aware that the leases on graves expire.  

South Australian Lithuanian History
The events of WWII forced many Lithuanians to flee their country. Unable to return, over 10,000 came to Australia and of those 1,500 made South Australia their home. This is their history.

Southern Suburbs Branch 
With the launch of the Southern Suburbs Branch of GSQ website, they have a blog as well. So keep up to date with the latest news and happenings from the group by following them.

Springwood Historans
Welcome to the Spring Historians history blog. The aim of the blog is to disseminate (as well as gather) information to anyone interested in public history.

State Records NSW
For people who love, use and manage archives. 

State Records of South Australia 
State Records is the official custodian for archival records created by State and Local Government agencies within South Australia, and this is their blog.

State Library of Western Australia
The State Library of Western Australia is located in the heart of the Perth Cultural Centre. It preserves and provides access to Western Australia’s published heritage and original historical records. The State Library also provides numerous on-line and e-resources, many of which are accessible from home using your public library membership. Keep up to date with their news through their blog.

Stumbling Through the Past: Delving into History
This blog is about history. Yvonne lives in Australia so many articles are about Australian history, but we have always lived in a world where people have travelled and communicated across borders so you will probably find similarities and connections with the history of your region.

Sticky Notes
Your family history is a part of you, and Ancestry.com.au's Sticky Notes blog is a place to share and discover stories and more. Read, ask questions and let them know what you think.

St Josephs Restoration - St Albans/Wiseman's Ferry
Pictorial blog of the restoration of the oldest catholic church on mainland Australia (1839) . It is north of Sydney between Wisemans Ferry & St Albans. The church will eventually be a four bedroom guesthouse with its own cemetery dating from 1840.

Stockton Historical Society 
The aims of this society are to research, study and generally inquire into the past history of Stockton, NSW - and its surrounding areas. The society has quartely journals and newsletters available. 

Stratford Historical Society and Museum
News from the Stratford Historical Society and Museum in Stratford, Gippslang, Victoria. 

Strong Foundations 
Stories, research, thoughts, photos and notes about Sharon's family and ancestors.

Stuff in Old Books 

A second-hand bookshop in West End, Brisbane, who take photos of intersting things they find in the books they buy.

Susan's Family Tales 
A personal blog by Susan Blake of short biographies of her ancestors.

Sydney History 
A blog about the historical sites of Sydney, Australia.

Tapping Your Roots  
A blog about all things of interest in genealogy and family history from the team at the Genealogical society of Queensland.  

Tasmanian History Groups
Not currently an active blog, but it does have a lot of useful information (links) that relate to history organisations around Tasmania.

Tea Tree Gully Library
The Tea Tree Gully Library in Adelaide's north east, does have a large family history collection, and they regularly hold genealogy talks there. This blog includes topics relating to family history as well as regular library news.

Teach Yourself family History
Linda Elliot shares her knowledge and experience as a family history researcher, with a range of lessons to research your ancestors to the early 1800's. 

The Family Ancestry Detective 
"Understanding the past can bless the present," so says the blog of Nicol Warren. The blog is updated weekly and topics cover genealogy/family history to general history.
That Moment in Time
A personal blog from geneablogger Crissouli, in Queensland. She writes not only information on her own family, but also includes history and news along similar themes.

The Ancestor Digger
A personal blog by Chris Wright, writing about her personal family history research, her genealogical 'brick walls' and her discoveries.   

The Boss 63
A personal blog by Drew Andrew, with "my life, my wishes, my wants and lots of other stuff thrown in for good measure" ... which does include genealogy as well from time to time.

The Empire Called and I Answered
The call of the British Empire in 1914 reached far away Essendon on the other side of the globe. This blog is a tribute to those from the region who served in WWI.

The Genealogy Bug  
The aim of this blog is to collect and share information that might be of interest to other genealogists and family history researchers. 

The Tiger's Mouth
This blog is written by Kate Bagnall who writes 'I’ve been interested in Australia’s historical connections to China since I first lived there more than ten years ago – when, by coincidence, I found myself living in the overseas Chinese homelands of the Pearl River Delta'.

There Once Was A Creek 
A blog by a person who is passionate about the creeks surrounding the Brisbane area. 

Thomas J. Nevin, Tasmanian Photographer
19th century Australian police and commercial photographer Thomas J. Nevin (1842-1923).

They Live, They Loved ... - NEW
Joanne begins her blog with a quote: "If you don’t recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor your own stories and tell them too. The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are." She's using her blog to record the family stories.

Thornetree Genealogy  
The blog of researcher Lyndal Simmonds in South Australia. 

Times Past - Old Time Radio Archives
If you have fond memories of sitting and listening to the 'wireless', have a look to see what the Old Time Radio Archives have available to listen to.Relive the eras of times gone by.

TMG Sydney
For users of the Master Genealogist in Sydney and elsewhere

Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society
Family history news and notes from Toowoomba and surrounding areas. It includes both Society news as well as local history items of interest.

The Tree of Me
This blogger spends most of her spare time delving into the history of her family. 

Tracing the Footsteps of Amos 
An attempt to document my explorations of the Bannister family history. This blogger has traced the family line back to Amos Bannister from Adlington in the early 1700s - how much further can they go? This blog is also a place for them to document my genealogical self-education and occasional genealogy-related development projects.

Tracking Down the Family
Jennifer Jones's look into her family history. 

Trove Memorials
These stories and obituaries of Australian service personnel come from the pages of Australian newspapers available through Trove. They are gathered here as a result of text editing undertaken in Trove after a call by the South Australian library for digital volunteers. While editing and reading these stories I decided they deserved a wider audience than those who may chance upon them in Trove. Hopefully some descendant may find a long lost relative listed within these pages and read of their experiences of war or read the obituary written after their death as a result of their service for country.

Turner Street Topics 
Jo Featherston's blog contains a mix of Australian and New Zealand memories.

Twigs of Yore
Shelley Crawford's long-standing blog is quirky and a joy to read.

Twisted History
Twisted History is a dark tourism company in Victoria, Australia who run guided tours through a number of different locations. A small family run business which started in 2009, their aim is to explore the darker side of Victoria’s history so those who have come before us are not forgotten or ignored. Follow their blog for more stories that fit into this unique genre.

UK/Australia Genealogy
Advice on sources and research strategies for genealogy in the United Kingdom and Australia, plus references to specific individuals. If your ancestor had a brother, sister or cousin who emigrated to Australia, our records including very informative death certificates may give family details not available in the UK. 

Unlock the Past
Unlock the Past's blog site that consists of polls and much more. 

Untold Stories: Prohibited Immigrants in Australian History
Untold Stories is a blog written by Chloë Okoli that focusies on deportees, deserters and stowaways in early twentieth century Australia.

Updates Genie
By Judy Webster, this blog includes genealogy news and tips from around the world.

Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society
Keep up to date with the latest news and history from the Wagga Wagga and District Historical Society by following their blog.

Warcoo Family Histories
Created by Jeffrey Madsen as a way to preserve his family history for his family, this is a page which links to various other blogs relating to specific family members (Griffiths, Madsen, Peachey, and Fraser).

Watson and Canet Genealogy
It will cover both my personal research and also general topics of interest to genealogists. 

West Hobart
There are so many stories about residents past and present which deserve to be recorded for posterity. Unless a start is made soon, it may well be too late and the opportunity may disappear. This blog is helping in recording the history of West Hobart.

Western District Families
Stories of Merron Riddiford's pioneering families from the western district of Victoria.

Who Were They
My daughter recently urged me to “put down on paper” my recollections about our family history [the Mewett family]. So, here I am now tapping away on the keyboard of my computer and, hopefully, the first instalment of my history will hit the wire as a blog.

Who is That Person in the Photo? Chinese Life from the Past
A blog dedicated to shaing vintage photos, and newspaper articles related to Chinese peope. Most relate to the Chinese in Australia and New Zealand.

Wishful Linking Family History Blog
A personal blog by Maria Northcote, this blog records some information and stories about her family history and genealogical research.

The Other Half of My Tree 
Stories of Diane Hewson's female ancestors.  

Wyong District Pioneers Association - Historic Alison Homestead 
A blog about the pioneers who first settled in the Wyong District, as well as new settlers and descendants of the pioneers. And the Alison Homestead, the oldest established continuous rural homestead in the Wyong District.

Yackandandah Museum
The aim of the Yackandandah Museum is to provide a place where information, stories and objects concerning Yackandandah and district can be collected, conserved, researched, stored, displayed and shared. On this blog you will you will find information and images relevant to our historic buildings, current and anticipated exhibitions, events, education programs, research opportunities, publications and sale items.

Yarra Plenty Genealogy
Yarra Plenty Regional Library services the outer municipalities of Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Banyule in the north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This blog informs our community about current events, resources, including websites that can assist an Australian family history researcher with their research.

Yarra Plenty Local History
Yarra Plenty Regional Library services the outer municipalities of Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Banyule in the north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This blog promotes local history in the Yarra Plenty community.

Your Brisbane: Past and Present
With a passion for photography and a love of Brisbane and it's history, this blog is perfect for those wanting to know more about this history of the area.

Your Memento
Your Memento is published quarterly by the National Archives of Australia, and opens the Archives’ collection to a wide audience. It features articles about the Archives’ exhibitions, events, publications and websites.

Genealogy and history news and product announcements for Australians


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