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History & Genealogy Expo Sydney 2010 Evaluation

The second Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Expo was held in Sydney on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 October 2010 at the Parramatta RSL, Parramatta. Approximately 550 people attended, with the majority coming for both days. The venue had a very different atmosphere over the two days: Friday felt alive and buzzing as people hurried from exhibits to talks and back again; Saturday was more low-key, with attendees passing their time leisurely and without the need for rush.

If you want to review the Sydney Expo website, to reminisce about your experience or to see what you missed, click here.

The two day Expo featured

  • over 50 exhibitors.
  • 40 talks from 23 different presenters.
  • Special guest speaker Chris Paton, Scottish researcher, writer and speaker. Chris' talks were very popular and ticket sales and feedback indicates that 'Discover Scottish Family History' was by far the favourite.
  • Prizes for those who pre-registered.
  • One on one consultations with several experts.

The following video the Expo was produced by Mike Murray from TimeTrackers.

124 attendees completed the online survey as feedback, for which we are appreciative. The results are displayed as follows:

  Exhibition Speakers Venue Meals
Excellent 24% 49% 37% 13%
Very good 64% 44% 54% 45%
Good 29% 18% 26% 28%
Fair 7% 2% 7% 17%
Poor 0% 0% 0% 7%

Which days were you there?  

  • Friday only    32%
  • Saturday only    31%
  • both days    39%

Would you attend a future expo?

  • definitely    56%
  • probably    54%
  • maybe    15%
  • probably not    0%
  • no    0%

How often would you like to see an Expo or similar event?

  • each year    70%
  • every 2 years    43%
  • every 3 years    7%
  • Other    5%

This is the second expo we have organised and we feel that there was definite improvement from the Adelaide expo held in July this year. Having said this, there are always areas we can improve on in order to provide a high quality experience for history and genealogy buffs! We view all feedback given as valuable and it will be taken into consideration for future planning of our events.

Alona & Anthea 

Alona & Anthea from Gould Genealogy & History                        Chris Paton

The Chapmans, Anthea, Rosemary, Mike, Shauna & Max 

The Chapmans (Tasmania Genealogy), Anthea (Gould Genealogy    Society of Australian Genealogists
& History
), Rosemary (speaker), Mike (Time Trackers), Shauna
(speaker), Max (Unlock the Past)

Attendee with Sharon at the registration desk  Illawarra Family History Group Inc

Attendee with Sharon at the registration desk                           Illawarra Family History Group Inc

Elizabeth Hook  Inside History

Hooked on History                                                              Inside History

Tasmania Genealogy  Friends of Rookwood Cemetery

Tasmania Genealogy                                                          Friends of Rookwood Cemetery

Liverpool Genealogy Society Inc.  Lois Sabine

Liverpool Genealogy Society                                                Lois Sabine, 'Dr Williiam Bell's Settlers Guide to Modern
                                                                                      Domestic Medicine & Surgery, Windsor NSW 1849'

An attendee with Susie Zada   Shauna, Cassie & Perry

Susie Zada (speaker)                                                         Shauna, Cassie & Perry (speakers)