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Cruise poll results

Here are the results of our 6th Unlock the Past poll. 214 people voted. 35 said they had been on a cruise before and 28 sent comments.  With over 205 indications of strong interest (definite, probably and partner)  it would seem that a block booking for 300 could be filled. Inevitably some may not be able to come at the time selected, but perhaps some of the 67 “maybes” could be persuaded. And of course we have only given very limited notice to date. We have now provisionally earmarked early-mid January 2011 for a 7 or 8 day cruise out of Brisbane or maybe Sydney. We will be looking to put together a top team of experts to make this an occasion to remember and a great value event for family and local historians. Watch out for further notice on our web site, blog and Twitter.

Would you consider joining a history-genealogy cruise? – 294 votes

  • definitely – 57 – 19%
  • probably – 74 – 25%
  • maybe – 67 – 23%
  • probably not – 7 – 2%
  • no – can’t afford it – 10 – 3%
  • no – not interested – 5 – 2%
  • my partner may come too – 74 – 25%

Other responses

  • I have been on a cruise before – 35
  • Comments (see below)     28

Where the voters came from

  • Australia -206
  • New Zealand – 5
  • United States – 1
  • Unknown – 2

Some comments

  • 2011 is my preference.
  • 45 years ago
  • As I live in the US it would take me at least two years to save up for the cruise plus my airfare to and from Australia.
  • Can’t make it 2010/11 but would be very interested in a later cruise.
  • cost would be a factor and date of cruise – holidays etc.
  • definitely interested
  • Definitely interested. Main factors probably dates and accommodation – not too keen on bunk in the bowels of the ship or next to the engine room!!!
  • from Sydney only
  • great idea
  • Greek Islands
  • Greek Islands, West Coast of America
  • health may prevent me but fabulous idea
  • I attended the last CONGRESS in Dublin. Would this be a bit like that?
  • I think it is a fabulous idea and particularly the venue, as it enables people with disabilities to go and get around easily with the magnificently helpful staff, as well as enabling people to gather informally between sessions and compare notes.
  • I would have come along but am planning a big trip to the UK the same year. Darn!
  • if I could afford it
  • legacy 7 have a Sydney – NZ – Sydney cruise advertised for November next year
  • Legacy family tree are cruising from Sydney in 2010
  • Maybe when i am retired
  • need to be in school holidays as I work at a school and can’t get time off otherwise.
  • Out of Sydney only
  • perfect venue!
  • Pls select a quality ship
  • The best thing to happen since sliced bread
  • we would definitely come – sounds a great idea. Hope its a goer
  • Would my employer consider professional development as in attending a conference?
  • Would never go on a cruise


Cruise Information

Is there much info out yet about who the guest speakers will be, topics etc and the amount of the cruise time that will be allocated to genealogical subjects.

Is it certain that it will depart and return from Brisbane?  If so, this, I believe, will cut a lot of potential customers because of the added cost and time to get to Brisbane.  Wouldn't Sydney or even Melbourne be a more central location for people to get to?


The main sticking point has been pinning down P&O to a minimum amount of theatre time. However we seem to be making progress and hope to be able to confirm something within 2 weeks. At this stage it is looking like a 7 day cruise from Brisbane starting 19 March 2011.

We felt it best first up to opt for a shorter and cheaper cruise. Those from Sydney are generally longer and more expensive than Brisbane, often by more than a return airfare to Brisbane. P&O doesn't run cruises out of Melbourne. However if our first cruise is successful we will look at other other ports and routes, including New Zealand, in future.

We have some speakers in mind but won't announce these until we confirm the cruise. As well as the formal talks we expect to have smaller less formal groups on whatever topic is of interest and delegate expertise permits.

Alan Phillips