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More than just an events resource

We introduced Unlock the Past in our previous post, writing mainly about our foundation as an events resource. But Unlock the Past will be much more than this. We plan to develop the web site as a significant history and genealogy resource and gateway. Much of our focus is on reaching people in the traditional ways such as events and publishing. But we want to tap into new technologies to add much more value and to reach those who can’t get to events. The aim is also reach a wider, younger audience generally. Here is some of what we have in mind.

Publishing – unlike overseas there is a great lack of good, up to date guide books in Australia. We plan to change this with a vigorous publishing program. Shauna and some of our other speakers will lead this. Carol Baxter has already produced the first “Unlock the Past” book (watch for a separate blog on this). More are in the development stage. We expect to publish FREE tips and articles and resources online. Some of our speakers’ topics will be developed into booklets and books over time. We hope this encourages others as well. In fact we hope to collaborate with others to jointly publish regional guides.

Blogs will be integral to what we do – categorised by subject to enable people to follow those of interest to them. Our speaker team will be encouraged to contribute tips and articles on their areas of expertise.

We have already started regular surveys for interest and useful feedback. We will report result in blog posts. Also a gallery – a pictorial record of events. The NSW & ACT Conference gallery is already up. You can follow us on Twitter for up to the minute developments.

In due course we will consider podcasts and maybe video of some speakers’ presentations to benefit those who cannot get to events. Social media will be used widely. We will support others who to or wish to market themselves in this way.

A categorised directory – a bit like the GRD (International Genealogical Research Directory) and the Family and Local History Handbook (UK). In fact Gould Genealogy & History has acquired the GRD. The name registry will be offered in other ways, but most other GRD content will being taken over and extended by Unlock the Past

  • Register of all events whether sponsored but Unlock the Past or not
  • A directory of commercial services
  • A central registry of all speakers, course presenters and other relevant services offered, whether formally part of Unlock the Past or not.
  • A categorised list of products from our speakers, partners and sponsors (Unlock the Past will not sell products, but link to publishers and resellers)

Watch also for some exciting new themes from our presenters in blogs, free content online, booklets and books, as well as talks at events. Much of this will be aimed at beginners and those we want to bring to societies and libraries for the first time.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions and hope to see many of you at events we are attending in October.