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Our icon or logo poll results

Here are the results of our fourth Unlock the Past poll. 119 people voted and another 15 sent comments. This poll was more for our own interest in planning an updated logo and “corporate image”.

QUESTION: Help! What do you think of the coloured graphic we currently use? [the "O" in our Unlock the Past title at the top of the page]

  • I like it     71.6%
  • maybe    12.7%
  • neutral – no opinion    9.7%
  • don’t like it much     3.7%
  • don’t like it at all     2.2%
  • comments  – 15 comments assigned as a vote base on comment – added into the above .

Where the voters came from

  • Australia       126
  • Unknown     2
  • Ireland     1
  • Netherlands     1
  • New Zealand     1
  • United Kingdom     1
  • United States     1

Comments people made. It is evident some people were commenting (and probably voting)  on the photo with the building at the top, rather than the icon we intended by our question. We should have made this clearer.

  • I like the graphic but it conveys a sense of Australia only and so many of us have our roots in many other countries. I’d like to see a fusion of some of those varying cultural backgrounds
  • Definitely not relevant – it is meaningless and (on its own) would never indicate what it is supposed to represent.
  • Very Australian and very appropriate
  • The caption needs to be lower to be read more easily. The picture does not readily suggest ‘genealogy’ – needs to be people-oriented.
  • I LOVE it.  It’s relevant, clean, clear and different.  The whole page is a delight to view.
  • Needs another building
  • photo plus logo
  • cannot see how it can represent genealogy, good farmers market symbol
  • Maybe – If superimposed over globe graphic to emphasise global nature of family history and the voyages undertaken by people to start new lives?  Otherwise, it does seem to be too generic.  colourful, but generic.
  • The picture is good and Australian. The text gets lost and almost illegible.
  • Very similar to Picasa logo
  • It’s just a different letter ‘o’
  • Going round in circles! Very appropriate, especially when the circles are themselves “impossible” (if they were to be constructed in real 3D, but of course can appear “real” on paper – all is not as it seems! Cheers.
  • I’m used to it
  • I really love the photo … so depicting of Australia and of the past … what was a lovely building … and I like the logo!

What does the icon mean? It has no particular significance itself, but two “interpretations” have been read into it:

  • “the intertwining coloured elements could signify the collaboration Unlock the Past fosters between societies, speakers, sponsors and the public.”
  • “reminded me of a puzzle with locked pieces – in our research we aim to put those pieces back together to form the story of the family”