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Why you shouldn't miss an Unlock the Past Expo

If you did not come to the Unlock the Past NSW Expo at Coffs Harbour (and could have) you missed something special – according to most of those who came. And if you have not yet committed to attending Expos in Queensland (Cairns), the SA/Vic Border (Mt Gambier) and Victoria (Geelong) the following feedback from Coffs Harbour may encourage you to come.

Some early assessments from those who attended Coffs Harbour, based on ratings options of excellent, very good, good, fair, poor:

  • speakers 100% good, very good or excellent
  • special story/song feature Bound for Botany Bay - 100% good, very good or excellent
  • displays (like costume) - 89% good, very good or excellent
  • treasure hunt - 74% good, very good or excellent
  • expert sessions - 95% good, very good or excellent
  • talks - 95% good, very good or excellent
  • product demos - 95% good, very good or excellent
  • would you come again - 92% definitely or probably, (the other 8% maybe)

We now have FREE ENTRY to all remaining Expos in 2011 for those who pre-book ($5 for visitors on the day). Some talks are FREE, but for others there is a modest charge. Libraries, societies, archives, museums, government and other organisations may now also EXHIBIT FREE, and we have reduced charges significantly for commercial exhibitors.

A selection of comments from those who attended Coffs Harbour

  • Overall I was impressed with the Expo and both my friends and myself  came away feeling we had learnt more than at any previous conference etc. attended.
  • Would have like to attend more speakers sessions …
  • Enjoyed all aspects of the Expo especially the contact with other likeminded people.
  • I believe that your expo was brilliant. All presenters knew their stuff and presented it well. As usual some talks went over time - but it didn't matter. I wished some had gone on longer! The array of material was overwhelming and very hard to ignore.
  • I found it very enjoyable and profitable in gaining new knowledge. Also I met people I had only corresponded with and never met.
  • I found the Expo to be very informative, the presenters were excellent
  • I found the expo very interesting and informative. It gives us that live in regional Australia access to speakers and traders that we normally cant get to see.
  • I found the whole experience excellent - well organised, great speakers.
  • Thoroughly enjoyable …
  • Very enjoyable Expo and well run good variety and doing the treasure hunt I discovered things I wouldn’t off noticed otherwise Thankyou

A new feature at all our Expos

Our special presentation Bound for Botany Bay by Mark Cryle was novel and well received. 100% who attended rated it good, very good or excellent. Mark will present this again at Cairns, but now divided and spread over two sessions:

  • Wild Colonial Boys: Eureka, The Fenians, Ned Kelly and others
  • Bound for Botany Bay: the Irish in Australia in story and song

CLICK HERE for short video clip

Similar, but full program 90 minute evening presentations will be given by others in:

  • Mt Gambier - Songs from the South Coast by Brenton Manser and The Vanguard
  • Geelong - Hit the Road Digger: Great Ocean Road Workers by historian/writer Colin Mockett and musician Shirley Power of Drop of a Hat Productions

A selection of comments on Mark Cryle's Bound for Botany Bay

  • A novel way to tell the story. Makes it more interesting.
  • . .. it was great. He provided a total change in style and presentation. He also gave us another avenue of research that while thinking about it was quite obvious. I think he made me more aware to research more conditions around what was happen.
  • He was very interesting …
  • I found this presentation to be very upbeat and enjoyable. It bought Irish family history alive and gave insight into the problems that the Irish had when either arriving as a convict or and immigrant.
  • I love learning more of Irish history and what a great presentation. Everyone I knew there enjoyed it so much, one thing we all agreed on it wasn't long enough.
  • I really enjoyed Mark's singing
  • It was a wonderful way to combine mix music with information - it was informative as well as entertaining
  • It was different & very unique in delivery. However … I did enjoy the unique & little known stories, & old & new ballads …
  • Really liked the story interspersed with song. Could have lasted longer.
  • … not long enough [it will be longer in Cairns]

Here are some links to blogs, photos and other reports of the Coffs Harbour and Sydney Expos


re: webinars

Webinars are on our radar ro offer Nan. We are just not quite ready to announce them.

webinars by Unlock The Past

Hello, I was wondering if you ever have webinars of some of your presentations or lectures.

There are some I would love to attend, but they are too far away, in places I cannot get to/

Thanks, Nan Bailey