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Who Do You Think You Are Poll

Here are the results of our 17th Unlock the Past poll - Which "Who Do You Think You Are" TV programs have you watched? Three hundred and nine people voted casting a total of 916 votes. The summary shows a great interest in the series - particularly the British and Australian episodes. Over 80 percent of the voters had watched all or most of the Australian and British episodes - the percentage who have watched the US episodes is much lower so far at least.


 Program                      # votes       % voters

  • Australian - all                   164             53.1
  • Australian - most                89             28.8
  • Australian - a few               33             10.7
  • Australian - none                11              3.6
  • British - all                        111            35.9
  • British - most                   145             46.9
  • British - a few                    37             12.0
  • British - none                      9               2.9
  • US - all                              91             29.4
  • US - some                       135             43.7
  • US - none                         58             18.8
  • Other                               33             10.7

Other comments

  • Have purchased many of the DVDs
  • Missed some early UK ones. Need more details of doing hard yards and finding ordinary people.
  • Australian and British far superior to US shows
  • US episodes are too oriented towards the wow factor ie if no one in your family's history has it then your worthless family history is about so much more than this
  • Love the British and Australian shows, the US ones thus far have been interesting but a bit drawn out and the constant re-capping after ad breaks is really annoying
  • The American ones are not very good. Won't be watching any more of them. Love the Aussie and English episodes.
  • US episodes have only just started in Australia - will end up seeing all of them
  • In the US episodes the facts are restated after each commercial break throughout the programme, which I find somewhat annoying. Perhaps our US counterparts do not have the same attention span as Aussies and Brits??? ( I say this with tongue in cheek)
  • Dislike the American episodes, so staged and fake reactions.
  • Enjoy every programme, all so interesting
  • Really enjoy the English ones, have a lot of the magaxxines as well
  • Welsh episodes
  • Good for attracting people to family history, however they don't show enough of the research required
  • Can't get SBS
  • Prefer the British show. US - only a few shown here so far.
  • It's a pity the US episodes are being shown so late on Channel 9. They are not so interesting as the Australian/UK episodes, are repetitious and built around ad breaks.
  • Try not to miss any as find them very interesting
  • Information can be repeated too often. All the assistance gives an unrealistic idea of how hard it can be to research.
  • One US episode watched
  • Love the show!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just love the show!!
  • Fascinating information comes out of these programs and this information is really very helpful for one's own research.
  • Wish the Australian ones were available online so when travelling can still watch
  • Oz
  • All different and most of them very good.
  • All shows are well formed with very good guests. some are more interesting than others. The US type repeat what went before too much. However, long may it continue
  • US episodes not as good as UK
  • Don't like the U.S. ones, after the commercial break they go back over the findings of the past section which you have just watched. Love the others.
  • Will they be repeated ??
  • None as commercial stations a pain
  • Not really interested USA- my family history is all UK based - except one who is French....
  • some Canadian and South African on youtube

Where the voters came from

  • Australia - 275
  • Ireland - 1
  • New Zealand - 11
  • United States - 1
  • Unknown - 21


Scottish Ancestry

How does one get to participate in 'Who do you think you are' if you aren't a celebrity? Why is it only Celebrities that could have an interesting Ancestry? I would dearly love to find out origins before Great grand parents time....1800's as it could prove very interesting for 100's of relatives & interested others!

Re: Scottish Ancestry

Jocelyn, as with all but the very few celebrities who have their ancestry researched for them, you will need to do your own research and/or engage a professional researcher to assist. Some research can be done online. ScotlandsPeople is a good place to start for Scottish research http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/. There are number of books and data CDs to help you, many listed by Gould Genealogy & History http://www.gould.com.au/Scotland-s/13.htm. You should also visit your nearest family history society to check out their resources and get advice http://www.cyndislist.com/ (go to your country to find a list). Also check out links under Scotland.