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Major Events Survey

 Major Events Survey

Thanks to the 455 people who responded to the Events Survey we conducted recently. In general, the responses were very positive and lots of good ideas were suggested which we hope to incorporate in the planning of future events. See also the blog Unlock the Past events - past events, a review and the future.


Of those who responded, 80 percent would definitely or probably attend an expo in/near the capital city in their state. Some of those who indicate they would not attend live a great distance from the capital city.

Of the 35 percent who indicated they had previously attended an Expo in Adelaide, Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Cairns, Mt Gambier or Geelong, ninety-six percent rated them to be good to excellent.

Themed seminars

These would normally be conducted over two days but some may be one day. Seventy-five percent of those who responded said they would definitely/probably attend such a seminar. The most popular themes were Research and writing history (72%), Immigration (72%), and History & genealogy on the internet (84%). Many other excellent suggestions were also made including country specific seminars (eg England, Ireland), Brickwalls, Old photographs, Occupations and more.

The preferred locations for the themed seminars were very similar to the responses given for the Expos.


Regional seminars

Usually a weekend day at locations we are invited to. These may be headed by one or two Unlock the Past (or other) expert presenters offering maybe 5 or 6 presentations in a day. They will usually be supported with publicity, a bookstall, special offers and prizes from various partners.

Regional seminars were also popular with 78 percent indicating they would definitely/probably attend such an event.

Regional Roadshows

Though not on the survey, we are also looking at further regional roadshows with possibly a day and evening meeting at each location - this will be a viable proposition where a number of towns are interested and are in reasonable proximity to each other.

The general format of a regional roadshow is

  • to travel from one town to another on successive days - normally 4 or 5 days
  • if a day of the roadshow falls on a Saturday a seminar may be suitable - with more time available

Benefits of being involved

  • expertise comes to you
  • publicity for supporting organisations - possibly introducing new members
  • get the latest information on developments in a fast changing scene (resource wise)
  • a selection of products to show and sell, with some roadshow specials 


Just 36 percent of those responding indicated they had previously been on a cruise. Nineteen percent indicated they would definitely/probably attend a future cruise conducted by Unlock the Past of 5-8 days duration, most likely departing from a port in the eastern states. A more comprehensive survey is currently running on a possible cruise in 2013 - it closes on 12 October so make sure you have your say on what you would prefer. Click here to access the Unlock the Past page for details of the three cruise options under consideration and click here for the survey.

War tour

Some indicated they had already booked for the War comes to Australia 70th anniversary 1942-1912 Tour while others indicated their intention to book. If you want to be part of the exciting celebrations in Darwin in February 2012 bookings are still open - click here to get the full details of the tour.