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What Irish counties do you have research interests in? Poll

Here are the results of our 26th Unlock the Past poll - What Irish counties do you have ancestors from - or research interests in? Votes were cast by 374 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

Almost everyone responding to the poll had Irish ancestry - just 2% did not. The most common countries were Clare, Cork and Tipperary with over 25% of the voters indicating they have research interests there. Sadly, over 5% of the voters knew they had at least one ancestor from Ireland but as yet have not been able to find which county they came from.


County Votes Percent Voters
No Irish ancestors 8 2.14
Don't know the county 20 5.35
Antrim 60 16.04
Armagh 66 17.65
Carlow 18  4.81 
Cavan 41  10.96 
Clare  83  22.19 
Cork  91  24.33 
Donegal  29  7.75 
Down  47  12.57 
Dublin  67  17.91 
Fermanagh  55  14.71 
Galway  45  12.03 
Kerry  35  9.36 
Kildare  22  5.88 
Kilkenny  34  9.09 
Laois  14  3.74 
Leitrim  1.87 
Limerick  51  13.64 
Londonderry  37  9.89 
Longford  14  3.74 
Louth  2.14 
Mayo  19  5.08 
Meath  20  5.35 
Monaghan  19  5.08 
Offaly  19  5.08 
Roscommon  29  7.75 
Sligo  20  5.35 
Tipperary  87  23.26 
Tyrone  59  15.78 
Waterford  21  5.61 
Westmeath  10  2.67 
Wexford  25  6.68 
Wicklow  24  6.42 
Other (comments) 6 1.60

Where the voters came from

  • Australia - 333
  • Canada - 1
  • Hong Kong - 2
  • Ireland - 2
  • New Zealand - 7
  • United Kingdom - 6
  • Unknown - 23

Other comments

  • Don't know where my Harveys are from
  • Lordship of Newry
  • Newry Down
  • Plus others whose origin in Ireland is as yet unknown
  • "Accidental Irish only - English parents working in Ireland, father in hatting trade, 3 of their children born in Ireland, 2 in Dublin, 1 in Cork"
  • Athenray



How interesting is it, that the 2 largest demographic groups are either from Cork or Tipperary?

And while i have links to Ballybay in Monaghan; strong links, the ones I know most about come from Cork.

It makes you wonder if people were especially focused on, or exceptionally in need in these areas?

Don't you think?

Irish Ancestors



Wouldn't it be great if we could someway share names of our ancestors from Ireland who emigrated to Australia and New Zealand which may be helpful to each other?

I hadn't realised this query had occured in February unfortunately.




re relevance to Australia

I was interested to read that the most input to the survey was from Aussies. I am often distracted by the large number of American family tree information that tends to dominate most genealogical sites I have visited.

This is encouraging and motivates me to take a better look at the site. Thank you


The polls are run by Unlock

The polls are run by Unlock the Past, which is an Australian business. While the web is open to anyone, most subscribers and users of our site are in Australia or New Zealand. Likewise our publishing, events and online free content are predominantly around Australian/New Zealand interests.

Alan Phillips