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Do you use ebooks? What type of reader do you use?

Here are the results of our 35th Unlock the Past poll - Do you use ebooks? What type of reader do you us? Votes were cast by 175 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

The first question as to whether people use ebooks was answered by less that half those who took part in the poll - just 83 responses in total with only a few indicating that they have no interest in ebooks. Responses to the second part of the poll indicated that Kindle (Amazon) is by far the most popular platform for reading ebooks (35% of voters) with the iPad (24%) and desktop/laptop computers (28%) being the other strong contenders. 


Do you use ebooks?VotesPercent voters
No - not interested52.9
No - but am interested84.6
What type of reader do you use?  
Kindle (Amazon)6134.9
Nook (Barnes & Noble)10.6
Android tablet158.6
Android smartphone126.9
desktop or laptop computer4928.0
other reader158.6
read online148.0

Where the voters came from

    • Australia - 149
    • Canada - 1
    • New Zealand - 6
    • United Kingdom - 1
    • United States - 1
    • Unknown - 17

Other comments

  • I do buy ebooks, but I don't buy genealogy ebooks. I prefer reference material in hardcopy.
  • Use Kobo
  • Kobo
  • Sony reader
  • Sony Touch
  • Primarily iPad
  • Some are hard for me to read. And I certainly can't read them in bed!!
  • Sony
  • Yellowstone
  • BeBook
  • windows tablet and windows phone
  • you haven't listed epub which is a standard format
  • Technology can fail you (what if in your retirement years you can't afford to update your technology or replace with a new reader)



I missed the survey.  I do use an ereader and it is a Kindle.  I have the Kindle DX which has a 9.7 inch screen.

Not a very popular size but it is the main reason I bought it.  I wanted to be able to read it easily and not have to

"turn" pages a lot.  It is a good size for reading PDFs too.