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What wars did your ancestors or others from your family serve in?

Here are the results of our 32nd Unlock the Past poll - What wars did your ancestors or others in your family serve in? Votes were cast by 66 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

The responses generally reflect the results of an earlier (less extensive) poll on the same subject with people mostly being aware of involvement in World War 1 and 2. A significant number had family members in the Vietnam war and had tracked down connections to the Boer War. Again, somewhat surprisingly, more than 12% knew of family who had participated in the Napoleonic Wars. As we approach the centenary of the commencement of World War 1 and interest in conflicts is raised - and more records are becoming available for research - we should all think how we can discover what being in wars at different times meant to those involved.


WarVotesPercent voters
American War of Independence23.03
Napoleonic Wars812.12
Maori Wars23.03
Crimean War34.55
American Civil War46.06
Prussian wars23.03
Sudan War 188500.00
Boer War1928.79
World War 16293.94
World War 25989.39
Korean War812.12
Vietnam War2131.82
Malayan Emergency812.12
None that I know of00.00

Where the voters came from

    • Australia - 48
    • Ireland - 1
    • New Zealand - 3
    • United Kingdom - 2
    • Unknown - 12

Other comments

  • Indonesian Confrontation
  • East Indian Company Wars
  • Australian forces
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, Timor
  • Afghanistan, Bougainville
  • Afghanistan