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What Scottish counties do you have research interests in? Poll

Here are the results of our 27th Unlock the Past poll - What Scottish counties do you have ancestors from - or research interests in? Votes were cast by 443 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

Almost everyone responding to the poll had Scottish ancestry - just 2.5% did not (very similar to the Irish poll result). The most common countries were Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Midlothian with over 20% of the voters indicating they have research interests in those counties.

Scottish expert comes to Australia [video]

Professional Scottish researcher Chris Paton recently came to Australia and spoke at meetings in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Australian genealogy blogger, geniaus reports on his talks at the History & Genealogy Expo in Sydney in her blog. Feedback from others was just as glowing for Chris.

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