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What wars did your family serve in? Poll

Here are the results of our 25th Unlock the Past poll - What wars did your ancestors or others on your family tree serve in? Votes were cast by 298 people. The results are summarised in the table below.

Almost all voters have someone in the family who served in the first and second world wars and close to 40 percent had a connection with the Boer war. Families continue to be linked with more recent wars as indicated by the numbers for the Korean (10.9%), Vietnam (23.4%) and other recent conflicts.

2010 in review and 2011 in prospect

2011 is now upon us. We want to consolidate following a very busy and formative 2010 for Unlock the Past (UTP). In many ways we were pioneering with a number of new and innovative ventures. We have gained more experience, new skills, knowledge etc. to make 2011 better again. 

Click here for a handy PDF version of this blog post.

The Unlock the Past Roadshow and the future

Here are a few photos and comments on the History & Genealogy Roadshow ANZ to complement Shauna Hicks’ superb and interesting daily blogs and her Roadshow overview.

It was especially

Do you have convicts in your heritage? Poll

Here are the results of our 24th Unlock the Past poll - Do you have convicts in your heritage? Votes were cast by 337 people.

History & Genealogy Expo Sydney 2010 Evaluation

The second Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Expo was held in Sydney on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 October 2010 at the Parramatta RSL, Parramatta. Approximately 550 people attended, with the majority coming for both days. The venue had a very different atmosphere over the two days: Friday felt alive and buzzing as people hurried from exhibits to talks and back again; Saturday was more low-key, with attendees passing their time leisurely and without the need for rush.

What is the earliest known arrival date Poll

Here are the results of our 23rd Unlock the Past poll - What is the earliest known arrival date of any of your ancestors? Votes were cast by 458 people. The results are summarised in the table below - most people responding had an ancestor arrive before 1860 though some are very recent arrivals.

Which Genealogy Software Poll

Here are the results of our 22nd Unlock the Past poll - What genealogy software do you use? 239 people voted casting a total of 347 votes.

Types of History Poll

Here are the results of our 21st Unlock the Past poll - What types of history are you involved in? One hundred and two people voted casting a total of 342 votes. Obviously the predominant interests of those responding was family history (98%) but there is a broad range of interest in other areas of history as well with local history (43.1%) and social history (30.4%) being the most popular.

History & Genealogy Expo Adelaide 2010 Evaluation

The first Unlock the Past History & Genealogy Expo was held in Adelaide on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 July 2010 at the West Adelaide Function Centre (Football Club), Richmond, close to the Adelaide CBD.

How committed are you to family/local history poll

Here are the results of our 20th Unlock the Past poll - How committed are you to family and local history? Two hundred and fifty-six people voted casting a total of 273 votes.

Clearly most people taking part in this poll are very committed to researching their family and local history - over 70 percent of those responding.

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