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What countries/regions do your ancestors come from?

Two similar questions arose recently – "how many Australians have at least some German ancestry?" and "how many Australians have at least some Irish ancestry?".

The question is also of interest for two other reasons:

  • the Australian census (next one 9 August 2016) has a question on ancestry. However this is a very limited "self-assessed measure of ethnic origin", limited to only 2 ancestries.
  • the emergence of genealogy DNA testing now offers ethnicity reports **
So we have decided to run another poll on the subject, 6 years after we offered a similar poll. 

This is intended to give the country of origin of ancestors of Australians. It is fairly meaningless for Australians without aboriginal ancestry to include Australia, but please do include Australia if you do have Aboriginal ancestry.

** NOTE: DNA ethnicity reports may be broad guides to regions our ancestors came from, but are not considered accurate guides. Don't use DNA ethnicity reports for this survey - only known countries of origin from your own knowledge and research. It may be of interest however to compare you known researched ancestries to DNA ethnicity reports.

This poll will close on 31 May 2016.

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