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Descendants of the Rats of Tobruk - Australia


The Rats of Tobruk Tribute Site ( www.ratsoftobruktribute.com ) is the Original and Only Site of its type in the World, for the Rats of Tobruk Veterans and their Descendants/Relatives, as part of my 10 year Rats of Tobruk Project, To Keep The FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk.

This Site is a Tribute for those Allied Servicemen who had Served at, and during, the Longest Siege in British Military History - the Siege of Tobruk - 242 Days, between April10th and December 7th 1941 in WW2 and who were fortunate enough to return to Australia at the end of hostilities in the Middle East.

Of approximately 14,000 Australians involved in the Siege of Tobruk, at its peak, 559 KIA, 2450 WIA and 941 POW.    "Lest We Forget".

In addition to Australian Servicemen, there were British, Indian, Polish and Czechoslovakian Servicemen involved in the Siege of Tobruk, as Allied Troops.

Their Honour Roll Details are created in my National ROT Database of some 18,000 plus records and their Basic Records are available for viewing on my ROT Tribute Website.

A Feedback Form is provided for the purpose of providing changes and update information.

The Owner/Creator (Owen Carlton) can be contacted directly by Email at: ( ocar23@iinet.net.au ) or Betty Murphy ( descendantsoftheratsaustralia@gmail.com )

The following Facebook Groups are associated with my Tribute Website ( Rats of Tobruk Public Group ) and ( Descendants of the Rats of Tobruk – Australia )