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Family Quest - Genealogical Researchers

So Many Ancestors...... So Little Time. Let us help you in your quest!

Family Quest is a genealogical research service. We have a passion for family history and can help you find out more about your ancestors in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Family Quest is designed to help people who do not have the time or resources to conduct their own family history research. We can help you begin or extend your family tree, and are happy to assist with small queries or larger research projects. You may be curious to know where your ancestors lived and what jobs they did. You may be stuck with a certain person on your family tree and want some help to get started again. You may want to research your family tree as a gift for someone, or for a family reunion.

Family Quest specialises in researching genealogy records on the internet. Many family history records have now been digitised and are available to search if you have the time and know where to look. We are happy to offer this service in an effort to help you locate your ancestors.  We research family history in Australia, New Zealand and England.