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Kilmainham Tales Teo.

  • 11 Weston Crescent, Weston Park, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
  • 35316281401
  • annedevlin.ie
  • 2010

This is a small publishing company extablished to promote Irish social history, political history, and penal history. There is an active publishing history, with three books already published: "Anne Devlin - bravest of the brave"; "Kilmainham Gaol - abandonment to restoration"; "Resistance & Rebellion - the Fenian movement 1858-1869". Forthcoming titles include "Kilmainham Hanged"; "Evil - Dr. Edward Trevor, the beast of Kilmainham"; "Bully's Acre" etc. All books are at pocket money prices, just five euro each, surface postage free to the world.


Publishing small books on aspects of Dublin and Ireland's history, with an emphasis on 1) social history, 2) Kilmainham Gaol 3) Ireland's struggle for freedom in 19th and 20th centuries 4) Executions, etc.