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Lina Hayden


I love helping people and have made a wonderful business out of this. So if you have always wanted to write your story or have someone do it for you, please contact me. I could be the ghostwriter and you have your name on the cover. Perhaps you have a home or property, business or organisation you would like to have a book or leaflet written about, we can do that too. No project too small or large. After 20 years of disability advocacy I have gained a lot of knowledge so if you would like help in this area, please contact me.


Currently writing "Kitchener's 100" about a group of Australian doctors who served in the British Army 1915-1916 and beyond, their individual stories. Many more interesting projects including film scripts.


WW1, writing, research, genealogy, family and local history, natural health, disability advocacy and making change. One candle can light a thousand candles!