Logan River and District Family History Society Inc.

Library Charges
  • Non-members $10:00 per day
Research Costs
  • Members no charge. Non
Open Hours
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 1:30pm
Approximate Membership
  • 65
Membership Cost
  • Single: $25:00, Dual: $35:00 plus $5:00 joining fee
  • Dugullumba Times

In October 2005 we took over the Logan River and District Family History Society as they where disbanding due to only having three members. We have built our library to contain over 1500 books, over 300 CD's, numerous microfiche. We have also grown from 14 members in October 2005 to a membership of 65 today. We have started running Family History Courses on a regular basis for both beginners and the more advanced researchers.


We are starting research of a book on the Early Settlers of the Kingston, Queensland area.