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Lutheran Archives

Library Charges
  • $15 per half day ($10 pensioners & students)
Research Costs
  • $15 per half day ($10 pensioners & students); $60 per hour for research by Archives staff
Open Hours
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30 am - 4.30 pm (Closed Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays)
Approximate Membership
  • 350
Membership Cost
  • $25 ($15 pensioners)
  • Journal of Friends of Lutheran Archives, annual, $14 ($16 posted)
  • FoLA News, quarterly

The Lutheran Archives is the official repository of historical material relating to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). As well as holding records of the present LCA, it holds records of the earlier Lutheran Churches in Australia which in time amalgamated to form the present Lutheran Church of Australia.

Family History Research:

We have a large collection of Parish Registers from all over Australia. They contain information on births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials of people who were associated with the Lutheran Church. These are extremely valuable for family history research. To assist researchers, the names in the registers have been entered into a computer database, and so it is easy to determine what records do exist for any person and then locate them. There are about 500,000 entries in the database.

Our collection includes church papers (starting in 1860), church almanacs and yearbooks, congregation histories, biographical records of Lutheran pastors and teachers, family history books, and photographs (churches, schools, missions, pastors, teachers).

Because the early Lutherans were German immigrants we also have information about early German settlers in Australia.

Up to the 1920s most of the records were written or printed in German. Handwritten German records can be rather difficult to read, and assistance is provided where possible. Some documents may be available in English translation. Additional translation can be undertaken for a fee.

The Friends of Lutheran Archives is our support organisation. It holds regular talks in Adelaide, publishes a quarterly newsletter and an annual journal with more lengthy articles, and holds various special events. Branches also exist in Melbourne and Brisbane and they also have occasional activities. Annual membership is $25 ($15 pensioners).

We also have a large range of books for sale: family histories (mainly families of German Lutheran heritage) and other assorted histories with some Lutheran connection.


Friends of Lutheran Archives (FoLA)