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Migration Museum

Open Hours
  • 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday; 1pm - 5pm weekends and public holidays
  • 1986

The Migration Museum can help you place your ancestors in their historical context.  We collect and present materials that represent the cultural diversity of South Australia and impact of settlement on Indigenous people.  The Museum is arranged chronologically, so you can research what was happening at the time your ancestors lived.

Genealogists might also find the following services of particular interest:

  • Our publication 'From Many Places', profiling the multicultural communities that make up South Australia.
  • Settlement Square, a place to commemorate your family's contribution to the State.  Search our database for the stories of people already in the Square.
  • 'Behind the Wall', an exhibition about the history of our site - the former Destitute Asylum.
  • Enquire with a curator about our diverse social history collection, or making a donation to the collection.