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Ralph S. Reid

  • PO Box 69, Coolamon NSW 2701
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Compiler and publisher of A Bibliography of Australian Family Histories and Genealogies, ISSN 1838-1448, with Issue 1 published July 2010 as a .PDF file on CD-ROM.

The file covers 535 A4 pages, containing 11,359 family surname/book description entries and provides details of resources published in Australia relating to family histories and genealogies.  The listings do not include manuscript or other archival material, or online-based resources.  It is intended that this publication will be cumulatively updated and re-issued periodically every two years; the rate at which applicable titles are published does not generate enough new data to warrant more frequent issues.

Each entry contains details of a published print or CD-ROM format family history that relates to the associated family name. These details include title, author/s, publisher, place and date of publication, number of pages, ISBN, types of content matter as applicable (such as portraits, family trees, etc).  Also, each entry is tagged to indicate the State in which the first Australian-based generation described was originally established. The introductory pages provide detail as to how published works can be identified and located.

This publication is unique, in that it is the only such comprehensive bibliographic listing currently published in Australia.