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2018 Congress - Mar 2018
2018 Seminar - Seattle - Sep 2018
2018 UTP cruise - Alaska - Sep 2018
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We Paint Your Portrait

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Old photos of your ancestors may continue to fade or be damaged and lost. We can turn them into magnificent hand painted oil on canvas paintings. We have produced many wonderful results. Simply send us the photo of your ancestor either by email...or by maill. We will scan the picture you send and return it...or we will use the emailed image to create a colour, painted portrait in the size yoiu nominate...frame it and send it to you...wherever you are around Australia ...or around the world. You can see examples of our work on our website.


We paint families...children...pets...ancestors. A beautiful painting makes a wonderful gift for Birthdays, Christmas, anniveraries...weddings...religious celebrations...graduations and much more


All family Tree individuals and groups ...enthusiasts...researches...museums...Historical societies