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Blue Mountains Family History Society Semin 'Boat People 1788 - 1922'

Event Information

  • 9 Apr 2011 8:45am - 4:00pm
  • Springwood Baptist Church Hall 313 Macquarie Road
  • Springwood
  • New South Wales
Other Information
  • Cost: $25

Boat People - 1788 - 1922

The speakers for the day will be:

Christine Yeats, Manager, Public Access, State Records of NSW, with an overview of the boat people 1788 - 1933

Gay Hendriksen, Curator, Parramatta Heritage Centre - The sweet, the sour, the seditious - and the swashbuckling.  From British prison to the shores of NSW convict female factory, women met the challenges of transportation.  A glimpse of this unique aspect of Australian History.

Ray Thorburn -  Assisted Scottish Passages - Ray will talk about the different waves of people who came from Scotland.

Jim Low, Folk Singer - after lunch entertainment

Gary Luke from the Australian Jewish Historical Society will take about European Immigrants.

Come to the seminar, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included in the registration fee