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Certificate in Genealogical Research

Event Information

  • 28 Feb 2010 1:30pm
  • Correspondence Course
  • Australia
Other Information
  • Cost: $350

From February 2010 the Society is offering a new course in genealogy.  This can be undertaken over an 18 month period and requires successful completion of 8 components of work.  Candidates must be financial members of the SAG and it has been designed so that members who live outside of the Sydney area have the opportunity to undertake it.  Good internet access will be beneficial and it is intended that all work will be despatched and received by email wherever possible. 

We have designed the course so that SAG members living outside of Sydney can participate. There will be no necessity to visit Sydney or to use the facilities at the SAG if this is not feasible for you.

Applications in 2010 are open until 31 March for all financial SAG members (in future years applications will be open from 1 January – 31 March).

You can find out more about the course by downloading the following:

  • Certificate Course in Genealogical Research - information brochure for 2010 - click here
  • Certificate in Genealogical Research - Regulations as at 1 February 2010 - click here
  • Application Form for 2010 Certificate in Genealogical Research - click here