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History & Genealogy Cruise November 2011 - additional topics

Here is a list of topics offered by main speakers and others which are not on the main program. Many of these will be offered in various forms on the cruise:

  • special interest groups - with or without a computer
  • dinner table themes at a table hosted by someone with expertise to lead a discussion. We have a block of tables reserved for our group between 6pm and 8pm each evening. All our tables are in a compact block in one corner of the main dining room. Most seat 6 and a few seat 8, which should work well for a table discussion. Popular topics can be repeated. Up to 10 tables for each of 13 nights can be used for themed tables (allowing some to be unassigned).
  • some topics will require use of a computer for the presentation - at least to maximise the value with illustrations and perhaps an occasions Internet access - if a connection can be made. This can be anywhere if the group is small, or in the Hudson room or the casino lounge which has a large TV screen (the casino is closed on port days).
  • topics that do not need a computer will be programmed as dinner table topics or during the Research Help Zone times at a suitable location to be advised with each day's notices - 8am pre-talk notices and/or Hospitality Desk.
  • any topic can be taken up on a one to one or small group basis with an expert in our Research Help Zone (see main program). Some of our expert team will be available at these times.

We will be guided in selection and programming by the expressions of interest in a poll of candidate topics to be sent to out before the cruise.

Click here for further descriptions of many of the topics below.

Scottish interest

  • Basic beginner’s class in Scottish Gaelic (Chris Paton) - maybe a few short sessions throughout the cruise
  • Scottish weavers (Chris Paton)

Irish interest

  • County Clare records (Mary Considine)
  • Earl Grey's famine workhouse orphan emigrants (Perry McIntyre)
  • Fairly and intelligently represent the Catholic and Irish section of the community: Australian Catholic newspapers, 1840-1950 (Richard Reid)
  • Historical influences on emigration such as famine, agrarian uprises, evictions; pull factors like the gold rushes; convicts (Perry McIntyre)
  • Irish emigration to Australia (Perry McIntyre)
  • Irish gaol registers (Perry McIntyre)
  • Irish newspapers (Perry McIntyre)
  • Irish place names (Perry McIntyre)
  • Ryans and redemptorists: an Irish settler family in colonial New South Wales and their legacy (Richard Reid)

Military interest 

  • 1942: War comes to Australia (Alan Phillips)
  • A lucky and successful deserter: Private Alfred McGhie’s Boer War experience (Geoff Doherty)
  • The Boer War (Geoff Doherty)
  • British civilian POWs at Ruhleben (Chris Paton)

Australian interest

  • Australian Catholic newspapers, 1840-1950 (Richard Reid)
  • Colonial Secretary's correspondence in the Archives in NSW (Perry McIntyre)
  • Convict family reunion (Perry McIntyre)
  • Distressed Weavers Emigration Scheme (Helen Smith)
  • New South Wales BDM records (Perry McIntyre)
  • Ryerson Index (Helen Smith)
  • St John's College and educating Catholic men at the University of Sydney in the nineteenth century (Perry McIntyre)
  • Various states research
     - New South Wales (Perry McIntyre)
     - Queensland research (Helen Smith)
     - Tasmanian convicts (Penelope Jennings)
     - ... other Australian states or topics - offers to lead dinner table topics welcome
  • William Busby: stone mason of Toowong

New Zealand interest

  • Introductions to each NZ region the ship stops at (Lynne Blake)
  • New Zealand research (Jan Gow)

English interest

  • English hatch, match and despatch records (Helen Smith)
  • English parish records: more than hatch, match and despatch (Helen Smith)
  • Probate (Helen Smith)
  • Researching criminals in England (Helen Smith)
  • They’re dead but where are they buried in England? (Helen Smith)
  • Tracing your ancestors in England: Beginner's guide (Rosemary Kopittke)
  • UK Probate (Helen Smith)
  • Various English county research
    - Kent (Helen Smith)
    - Oxfordshire (Helen Smith)
    - Warwickshire (Helen Smith)
  • ... other English or county topics - offers to lead dinner table topics welcome

Europe and other countries

  • ... offers to lead dinner table topics welcome

Computers and the Internet

Genealogy programs and computer use

  • Choosing a family history program (Helen Smith)
  • Family Historian (Rosemary Kopittke)
  • How I use my computer for my family history - other favourite programs I use (Helen Smith)
  • Legacy (Jan Gow)
  • The Master Genealogist (Helen Smith)
  • Which genealogy program? - how to choose (Rosemary Kopittke)

Online resources and tools

  • Blogging for family history (Helen Smith)
  • Connecting with family lines online (Rosemary Kopittke)
  • Genes Reunited (Rosemary Kopittke)
  • On the Internet with England (Jan Gow)
  • On the Internet with Ireland (Jan Gow)
  • On the Internet with Scotland (Jan Gow)
  • On the Internet with search engines (Jan Gow)
  • On the Internet with a genealogy storehouse (looking at various programs on and off the internet) (Jan Gow)
  • On the Internet with UK pay 2 view sites (Jan Gow)
  • Online family history trends - including social networking (Shauna Hicks)
  • Social media for family historians (Helen Smith)
  • TreePad, the wonder tool: make life easier and more efficient with TreePad (Jan Gow)
  • Using free and pay resources on the net (Helen Smith)
  • Using the internet effectively (Helen Smith)

General interest

  • Around the world with Joseph Dunn, Civil Engineer and Patent holder … also a cad, a wife and child deserter, a bigamist, embezzler, thief, insolvent and an illegal transmitter of radio programmes!  (Geoff Doherty)
  • Beginning your family history: in the beginning ... first catch your hare! (Jan Gow)
  • Brief introduction to family history research (Shauna Hicks)
  • Brick walls - sitting down on the job (includes using TreePad!!) (Jan Gow)
  • Caring for your family archives (Shauna Hicks)
  • Compile your research into a readable booklet for other family members. (Margaret Milne)
  • Family Photo Book: an easy, fun way to present your photos or research (Rosemary Kopittke)
  • Friendly Societies and family history (Helen Smith)
  • Guild of One Name Studies (Helen Smith)
  • Help! I’m stuck: breaking down brick walls - Australia, England, methods (Helen Smith)
  • Help! my ancestors are lost! (Helen Smith)
  • Mapping your ancestors (Helen Smith)
  • Medical
    - The black death - bubonic plague in Australia (Helen Smith)
    - Causes of death: fact or fiction? - death certificates through time (Helen Smith)
    - Great-Uncle Charlie had TB - TB was the major cause of death pre-antibiotics and treatments varied (Helen Smith)
    - Just what did cause their death? - making sense of archaic medical terms (Helen Smith)
    - No Medicare for them - how our ancestors accessed health care (Helen Smith)
  • Newspapers: A family history treasure chest (Helen Smith)
  • One Name Studies: What can you get from them? (Helen Smith)
  • One Place Studies: What can you get from them? (Helen Smith)
  • Organising your family history (Helen Smith)
  • Researching at home in your pyjamas (Helen Smith)
  • Ten ways to research your family history - with and without a computer: Comparing old ways and new (Jan Gow)
  • What was the voyage really like? (Shauna Hicks)
  • Where to start in family history (Helen Smith)