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Mortimer / Burgess Reunion

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  • 10 Apr 2016 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Crown Theatre Cafe, 132 Goulburn Street
  • Crookwell
  • New South Wales
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  • Cost: Free

Family Reunion Sunday 10 April in Crookwell, NSW

Please come along and join in the fun of getting to know your family members!

A reunion for the descendants of Samuel and Mary Mortimer who arrived in Sydney on the “New York Packet “ on 8th July 1841, as free settlers lived at Wheeo.

Also George and Ann Burgess. He arrived as a convict on the transport Susan on the 7th February 1835  and was assigned to Francis McArthur at Norwood near Goulburn. 

The connected families are Minshall, Weatherspoon, Gray, Seery, Bourke, Dooley, Churchill, Naughton, O’Brien, McMillan.

From 10am Sunday 10 April we will have a tour encompassing places of interest of our grandparents Selby Charles Mortimer and Elena Burgess and their parents homes, Grandmothers School. St Saviours Cathedral Goulburn where they were married. 

A Luncheon 12.30pm Sunday 10 April at the popular Crown Theatre Cafe Crookwell for descendants of the Mortimer and Burgess Families.

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SAMUEL MORTIMER  who was born 1803 in Ballina, Clondavaddog Donegal IRELAND, married Mary Blaney they made a decision to migrate from Ireland with their family of five children Thomas 15, George 11, Samuel 9, John 6 and Rebecca 3 years, the decision was made due to the extreme poverty during the famines in Ireland. They were Bounty Immigrants arriving free, the bounty (fares) was paid by the NSW Government by the funds raised from the sale of land, the colony now in a great need for workers as convict labour ceased in 1842.




Bounty paid for the voyage for Samuel and Mary was £19 each, £10 each for children Thomas, George, Samuel, and £5 each for John for Rebecca a total of £78 pounds. The sea voyage would have taken more than 3 months, for Samuel, Mary and their children who endured the voyage it would have left a vivid and lifelong memory of discomfort, boredom and danger. The accommodation was little more than a large uncomfortable dormitory. Unfortunatly the ship “New York Packet “which arrived from Glasgow on 23 October 1841 into Port Jackson, which with cases of smallpox and was places in Quarantine till all were returned to good health




Samuel and Mary with their five children having found employment with Lieutenant Francis Nicholas Rossi (Compte de Rossi) who owned the mansion called Rossiville estate near Goulburn a property of some 2560 acres granted by Governor Darling. He was Chief Magistrate for the Goulburn area, a strict disciplinarian who sat in judgment of the hapless culprits brought before him.




Samuel Mortimer in being selected by Rossi as he paid wages £20-£30, with everything found. Sons Thomas George and Samuel would have also been doing a full day’s work in the fields beside their father and their mother Mary would have been paid wages for her needle work. Far exceeding anything they could have earned in Ireland as wages were much lower there.




Mary Mortimer predeceased Samuel she died at Wheeo giving birth their son Richard 13 Nov 1848, and then further family misfortune when Samuel drowned on the 4 August 1864when attempting to cross the Wollondilly River at Rossi's crossing place Mortimer's teams were camped on the other side, and he was anxious to cross to them notwithstanding that the river was in a state of flood.  When in the stream his horse tripped against a stone, unseating his rider who was carried down the stream. The horse got out safely. Mortimer's body was recovered, he was buried in Goulburn.








1.  THOMASMORTIMER, b. 1828, Parish of Clondavaddog Co. Donegal Ireland; d. 16 Nov 1875, Pejar., married ELIZABETH 'ELIZA' REANEY


2. . GEORGE FRANCIS MORTIMER, b. 17 Jul 1830, Co Donegal Ireland; d. 28 May 1920, Roslyn. Married ELLEN FOX


3. SAMUEL MORTIMER, b. 01 Jul 1832, Co Donegal Ireland; d. 17 Oct 1907, Pejar. married CATHERINE JULIA MINSHALL




4.   JOHN MORTIMER, b. 1835, County Donegal Ireland; d. 09 Mar 1900, Crookwell married ELIZABETH WEATHERSPOON


5.   REBECCA MORTIMER, b. 27 Jan 1839, Clondevaddock, Co Donegal, Ireland; d. 11 Jan 1911, 12 Jan 1911 East Lismore. Married THOMAS MCMILLAN


6.   MARY ANN MORTIMER, b. 14 Dec 1842, Yass; d. 02 Nov 1907, Granville, married HENRY O'GRADY


7  . RICHARD MORTIMER, b. 13 Nov 1848, Wheeo .; d. 10 Sep 1864, Pejar .