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NSW History Week

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  • 3 Sep 2010 2:30pm - 11 Sep 2010 2:30pm
  • Various
  • New South Wales
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History Week was initiated by the Council in 1997 to showcase the rich, diverse history being produced by organisations and individuals across the state. With over 200 events across NSW, History Week is about celebrating the best in community and professional history, highlighting its role in our cultural life and inviting people to get involved.

During History Week, community groups, local councils, libraries, archives, museums, universities, cultural institutions, professional and amateur historians across NSW open their doors to present the latest in today’s historical research - fascinating stories, artifacts and experiences about both our past and ourselves today.

History Week 2010: 4-12 September

Faces in the Street

Join us for a walk down the streets of the past and into the lives of those you pass. Explore the biographies of our leaders, those who shaped our world and the ordinary worlds of lesser known idenitities.