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O'Mahony Clan Get-Together

Event Information

  • 12 Jan 2013 12:00pm
  • Irish Murphy's, 21 Salamanca Place
  • Hobart
  • Tasmania
Other Information
  • Cost: TBA
  • 07 3868 1612
  • 74/139 Pring Street, Hendra, Queensland 4011

All O'Mahony and family connections are invited to the Clan Get-Together being held in Hobart. John O'Mahony, an O'Mahony Society
Council member from Galway, Ireland, will give a talk on The Famine, 160 years on. 
Other discussion will be the convict transportation of Clan and individual family history. Clan Irish and Australian background is important 
for research and the yDNA project, and is requested. Further O'Mahony Family history trees will be added to the 100+ Australian collected 
so far from researchers in Ireland and Australia.
If you are interested in attending, further information can be obtained from Greg Mahony.