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Records Management Disaster Recovery Mt Isa

Event Information

  • 28 Apr 2010 9:00am - 4:30pm
  • The Buffs Club, Cnr Grace and Simpson Streets
  • Mt. Isa
  • Queensland
Other Information
  • Cost: $220 (including GST) per participant to attend; $400 per participant if attending both this session and the companion course Records Management Disaster Preparedness.

Disaster recovery is part of an agency’s Recordkeeping Disaster Management Plan that involves enacting the processes, policies and procedures related to the recovery of records in the event of disaster. The Recordkeeping Disaster Management Plan must be followed to protect records from further damage, stabilise the records and re-establish the records in a usable condition. Recovery should commence as soon as possible after the emergency situation has been stabilised.

This course aims to familiarise participants with the procedures and processes to be taken after a disaster occurs, implementing the Recordkeeping Disaster Management Plan. Planning for recovery after a disaster will be developed including an understanding of the effects of various disasters on different record types. The course includes processes for establishing a recovery operation, identifying roles of staff in the event of a disaster, maintaining and using a disaster recovery kit as well as assessing and performing recovery tasks.

Course Content

  • This course is comprised of the following content:
  • Session 1: Disasters and their effects
  • Session 2: Disaster recovery planning documentation
  • Session 3: Response Phase Processes
  • Session 4: Recovery Phase Processes
  • Session 5: Recovery from disaster – are you ready?

Who should attend this course?
This course is primarily designed for Queensland public sector records practitioners or those with broad information and organisational experience and tasked with undertaking planning for a disaster affecting public records. Participants attending this course should have a broad understanding of records and their attributes.

Learning Objectives
By the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the effects of disasters on various record types
  • Understand the processes involved in recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Identify records of priority
  • Give clear descriptions of salvage techniques
  • Understand how to establish a recovery operation
  • Understand how to recover records to a usable condition
  • Develop recovery plans and associated documentation.

Course Materials
All participants receive a course pack consisting of

  • Case study
  • Templates
  • Copies of presentation slides

Participants may register and pay for this course online through the Codice website. To register, go to: www.codice.com.au/