Remembering Beersheba: Light Horse Charge centenary tour

Event Information

  • 23 Oct 2017 2:00pm - 1 Nov 2017 2:00pm
  • Israel - tour to various places
  • Australia, Other Countries
Other Information
  • Cost: US$2195

a centenary war commemoration and a general Holy Land tour


This special centenary commemorative tour is organised by the Israel Travel Centre. It is already well booked, but Unlock the Past has been offered a dedicated group of our own within that tour - subject to sufficient numbers to support a dedicated Unlock the Past group. Should we get sufficient numbers for an Unlock the Past sub-group there will be further benefits for our group.

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The tour

For more information on the tour visit the tour web site.  Download a detailed tour brochure


  • those with ancestors who participated in the Charge of Beersheba especially - a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone to "be part of history" that your ancestors contributed to.
  • those whose ancestors served in Palestine in either of the two World Wars
  • anyone with interest in Jewish family history research - visit the homeland of the Jews
  • anyone with an interest in the (central) land of the Bible. Whilst the last full tour day is the actual commemoration day at Beersheba all other days are a regular Holy Land tour. And even at Beersheba we visit Abraham's Well and Visitor Center.
See the Anzac & Beersheba tour web site for full itinerary but here are some of the key places/sites
War interest (both World Wars)
 - Light Horse memorial on the Sea of Galilee
 - Turkish Pilots memorial
 - German WWI War cemetery
 - bridge built by General Allenby (Jordan Valley)
 - Holocaust Memorial (Jerusalem)
 - Latrun Tank Museum (biggest in the world)
 - Jerusalem Commonwealth Cemetery
 - follow the path of the ANZACs leading up to the attack on Beersheba
 - Hatzerim Air Force Museum
 - Beersheba Commonwealth Cemetery
 - new ANZAC Museum, Beersheba (opening by the October commemoration)
   (because of expected crowds the formal ceremony access maybe restricted)
 - experience the re-enactment of the Charge of Beersheba
 - Park of the Australian Soldier, Beersheba
Christian/biblical interest, including later Christian history 
 - Caesarea built by Herod the Great
 - Sea of Galilee 
 - Nazareth 
 - Jerusalem - 2 days and 2 nights visiting a number of Christian interest sites 
 - the Dead Sea - including Masada, the last stronghold of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans
 - Abrahams Well and Visitor Center, Beersheba 

And much more - click here to see the full itinerary

The tour if our group is confirmed will be booked with the Israel Travel Centre and charged in US dollars.

Tour cost (excluding airfares to and from Tel Aviv) is US$2195.

An approximate guide in other currencies (at 30 Jan 2017)

  • Australia - AU$2900
  • New Zealand - NZ$3120
  • Britain - £1750
  • Europe - €2050
  • Canada - CA$2900
BOOK NOW - regardless of whether an Unlock the Past group is confirmed or not.

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To ensure you are part of the Unlock the Past group (if confirmed) please quote the code UTP-BEERSHEBA when booking - or advise you wish to be part of this group.

Check with the tour web site for inclusions. Israel Travel Centre can help with further information. AU$150 only is required as a deposit with your booking (non-refundable). The balance we understand is due approx 2-3 months before the tour. They can also help with airfare bookings and travel insurance if you wish. They will be offering group discount rates on airfares if you travel to Israel on eligible flights. Return flights are more flexible - can be at the end the main tour - or later if you wish to stay on. 

An Unlock the Past group

An Unlock the Past group will add value to the general commemorative tour

  • networking generally with like-minded family historians
  • dedicated Unlock the Past tour bus - if we get 30 or more in our group
  • a one (or two) day genealogy seminar (optional extra) at the end of the tour. Details of this will be developed if our tour group is confirmed. However we are liaising with MyHeritage, based in Tel Aviv - one of the largest and most innovative online genealogy resource platforms in the world - to help plan and organise this. Depending on expertise available to us (within or from outside our tour group), we would hope to include topics such as Jewish genealogy, perhaps European research, DNA, methodology and of course the exciting technologies MyHeritage have to offer. There would be some charge for this optional extra 
  • over AU$500 in Unlock the Past bonuses. These will be along the lines of the 2nd tier of bonuses we offer anyone booking our Unlock the Past cruises - but with some differences to suit this tour group
  • entry into an Unlock the Past tour prize draw from those booked with our tour group - value expected to be AU$500-$1000, depending on contribution from tour sponsors

If you intend to do the tour regardless of whether there is an Unlock the Past group or not
you should book directly with the Israel Travel Centre

surveyIf you would only do the tour if there is the added value of an Unlock the Past group you should register your interest as soon as possible so we can keep you informed of developments - and to maximise the chance of an Unlock the Past tour group. 

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Alternatively email - - or phone (08) 8263 2055 to register your interest. 


Although our Unlock the Past group is "provisional" until we confirm that there is enough interest
for our own group, the "parent" tour will go ahead even if our group numbers fall short. 
It is already well booked. 
The tour schedule will be no different, but the Unlock the Past value added features
would not apply if interest in our group falls short.