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Seniors Week - heritage Focus Display

Event Information

  • 1 Mar 2014 11:00am - 3:00pm
  • Building 3 - 8 Russell Drysdale St
  • East Gosford 2250
  • New South Wales
Other Information
  • Cost: Free

Seniors Week this year will be celebrated by us on Saturday March 1. It will be earlier than the set week which is Saturday 15 March - Sunday 23 March 2014. We plan to hold a special day for members and local seniors.


The question is asked “if you were preparing a Heritage Memory Box what would you put in it? What treasures would you like to see set aside in your memory? What treasures do you have from your ancestors to add to your Heritage Memory Box?” How do I start a box with my generational treasures/memories?

 The format is still in the early planning stage.  We will be encouraging members and visitors to bring along treasures they think could be included in such a Heritage Memory Box. Some participants may be encouraged to give a short description on their items in the afternoon. 


If planning to bring along a treasure please type out its provenance to display with your items. Displays to be set up in the Hall before 10am our doors will open to everyone else at 11am.


General Society Meeting at 1pm – followed by short talks.

Free entry – Tea and Coffee available for a small fee.