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"Windows 7 Tips, Remote PC help and Backups (Acronis)"

Event Information

  • 5 Jun 2011 2:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Mt Waverley Community Centre, Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley. Opposite railway station, Melway 70 E1.
  • Melbourne
  • Victoria
Other Information
  • Cost: Free

Work faster using Windows Libraries
    Window's My Documents folder has for years tended to force a "one size fits all" folder/file structure on users regardless of what is best for their type of work. In Windows 7 the new Libraries concept removes this tyranny and opens up better ways or working. These tips for effective use of Libraries can stop you wasting time navigating all  over your hard drives. 

Get more help through Remote Access
    Whether you need computing help or want to help others, remotely accessing another computer is almost as good as sitting along side someone, but you don't have to leave home. This live demo of the simple but powerful TeamViewer program will show you how simple the process is. From the meeting room you'll see the monitor elsewhere in the building and hear the remote user.

Understand Backup (Acronis) better.
   Using Acronis as an example this will focus on choosing the right settings. No need to bog down trying to understand the verbose manual and getting lost in the interface. Backing up your family history doesn't have to be complicated.