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History and Genealogy Cruise 2011 - The Itinerary

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DAY 1:
Brisbane – 19 March 2011

Brisbane City Brisbane City 2

Brisbane offers a cosmopolitan mix of shopping, dining, history, arts, sightseeing and entertainment. Experience the nearby theme parks or visit Australia Zoo.

Depart Brisbane – 2pm

Check in will commence at Portside International Cruise Terminal in Hamilton at 10.30am. All Passengers must be onboard at 1pm.

DAY 2:
At Sea – 20 March 2011

Day 2 Day 2 Day 2

Do as little or as much as you like during your first day at Sea. Be sure to check your timetable and attend the history and genealogy events scheduled.


DAY 3:
Noumea – 21 March 2011

Day 3 Noumea

The port of Noumea is from where New Caledonia exports most of its nickel ore. It is one of the largest ports P&O Cruises visit in the South Pacific. The city of Noumea is a short distance away from the port. Le Petit Train is one of the most popular ways of getting into Noumea and exploring the city. The city is spread out over a long distance. The famous Tjbaou Cultural centre, one of the jewels of the South Pacific is an architectural masterpiece and is 20 minutes outside the centre. Many of the other sights are quite a distance apart and tours by motor trike, fun car, bike or helicopter offer the best way to see the city. Some great tours are on offer outside of the city, 4WD in the bush, hiking Mount Koghis, Kayaking the Dumbea River. Coconut Park, with its towering palm trees, is the focal point of the city. Being the French administrative centre of the islands there are lots of public and civic buildings built in a distinctive French architecture. The city has some little gems; traditional Boulangerie (Bakery Shops), cafés (where you can taste New Caledonia’s own coffee) and fabulous restaurants where you can sample fine New Caledonian foods cooked in a French style with imported French wines. Aside from tours the most popular activity is to head to two beaches a short drive from central Noumea, Anse Vata and Baie Citron, here you can enjoy resort facilities, swim off the beach, eat at one of the small brasseries or do some souvenir shopping.


DAY 4:
Lifou, Loyalty Islands

Day 4 Lifou Day 4 Lifou

Lifou has one of the most diverse landscapes in the South Pacific, from limestone caves to white beaches and coral reefs teeming with brightly coloured marine life. It's the largest coral atoll in the Loyalty archipelago. You'll stand awestruck in front of all of its breathtakingly beautiful views: the northern coast of the island is made up of high, steep cliffs, whilst the southern side has pristine white sand beaches with stunning turquoise waters. Lifou has the wonderful charm of an island that has managed to preserve its own traditional Kanak culture.


DAY 5:
Port Vila, Vanuatu

Day 5 Port Vila Day 5 Port Vila

The substantial dock and port area of Port Vila overlooks a natural harbour. There are beautiful coastal views of the city with its clusters of houses and small scale resorts nestled amongst tropical vegetation makes an attractive scene. The harbour is quite active with fishing boats, yachts and speedboats passing between the various nearby islands. The dock bustles with dancers and music and there are lots of friendly locals selling handicrafts. The covered market place is a colourful and interesting place to visit selling handicrafts, fruits and colourful tropical flowers. Port Vila is clearly visible from deck and is around 1.5 kilometres from the port. The capital is really just one long street with a few smaller streets intersecting it. The main street Lini Highway has lots of shops some bars and restaurants. Many of the resort hotels with excellent restaurants and bars are easily accessible.


DAY 6 & 7:
At Sea

Day 6 Day 6 Day 6

Be sure to check your itinerary, plan one of the many activities you would like to attend for the day. Don’t miss the special history and genealogy conference events – and some great cruise offers!


DAY 8:

Arrive back in Brisbane – 6am.

Disembarkation will begin at approximately 7am and will be complete by 10.30am.