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New Zealand Genealogy & History Blogs

Below is a list of Blogs relating to Genealogy or History fromNew Zealanders . These contain important news, updates about resources, events, how tos, tips and general ramblings about all things history in New Zealand. If you know of any others that you think should be here please tell us - email inquiries@unlockthepast.com.au

Alfuth, Ridley, Bond and Taylor Family Research
This is the story of my research for the Alfuth family line, that include Ridley, Bond & Taylor as the major lines, where they went and who they are today. This book is still to be compiled and published. 

Archives NZ

Bob Vine New Zealand - NEW
The genealogy blog of Bob Vine from Lower Hutt in New Zealand.

Christ Korte's Genealogy Blog
This blog is used to provide brief posts on my research. Research results are added to myfamily tree, or to my genealogy project web site.

Digital NZ

Genealogy Chat

Genealogy New Zealand

Grandpas War

Hunting Ancestors

Hunting Kiwis - UPDATED
Tracing Canterbury's history through headstones. 


Keith Johnson Wellington NZ

Kintalk (Auckland City Library) - UPDATED

Library TechNZ (National Library of NZ)

Life Lines - NEW 
Somewhere, online, to put out there all the family research that has been sitting around on scraps of paper, just waiting to be put together 

Lives Once Left Behind -
Louise has started her blog to examine the adventurous life of her great grand aut, Elizabeth Margaret Lodge who was 5 when she emigrated with her parents in New Zealand, and 18 when she then left for Australia.

Mad About Genealogy 
If you follow Linda's Mad About Genealogy blog will certainly keep you up to date with all the latest genealogy happenings worldwide.

Making Connections to the Past, Present and Future 
Maureen West's blog about her family history.

New Zealand Genealogy News

New Zealand Poet Laureate (National Library of NZ)

Plaisted Family History - NEW 
This is a history of the Plaisted family lines the world over. The name started as Du Plessis and today there are many different spellings of the surname. Plaisted, Plasted, Plaistead, Playsted, Playstead etc 

Photo Sleuth

Random Meanderings

Ship Wrecks NZ
Maritime disasters and mishaps of New Zealand shipping, hulks, old stories, shipping stuff, and tales from the sea.

Strangers in a Box
My mission.... to find descendants of the unwanted/unloved vintage photographs I've found in my travels around NZ & on the Internet.

Teach Yourself Family History 
This is blog dedicated to do just what it says, in that it'll teach you family history. With over 40+ years of teaching, Linda decided that is was time to share her knwledge with a wider audience - so this website (blog) was born. Lessons will be added regularly.

Thames NZ Genealogy Resources


Winging It
The research journal of the Wing one-place study (And other genealogical ramblings).

Winters Collection