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Mark St Leon

Mark St Leon is a direct descendant of the St Leons, one of Australia’s major circus families in the period from 1847 until the 1950s. St Leon’s Circus was one of Australia’s major circuses from the 1870s until the 1920s. Several generations of the St Leons moved to the USA from 1898 onwards and became well established in American circus, vaudeville and theatre.

Mark has devoted many years to the documentation of his family’s history in the circus and Australia’s circus history generally. He has been widely published in this area and is a longstanding member of the Circus Historical Society Inc, a 1,600 strong US non-profit organisation. He has also documented the history of the other famous circus families which once travelled Australia and the tours of the large American circuses which came here in the 1800s.

Mark is the author or co-author of several published books, articles and encyclopaedia entries. He has served as an honorary board member for several non-profit performing arts organisations including the National Institute of Circus Arts. He was instrumental in the launch by Australia Post of a special issue of 4 postage stamps in 1997 to celebrate 150 years of circus in Australia.

Professionally Mark has lived and worked for extended periods in England and Switzerland. He served as audit senior in the Swiss branch of the international firm Price Waterhouse (now Price Waterhouse Coopers), 1978-80, His pioneering efforts established the credibility of the Australian “CA” designation in a key international financial centre where it was previously unknown. After returning to Australia and arising from his Swiss work experience, Mark served as a founding board member of the Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 1986-92, and was responsible for the editorship of the Chamber's journal Opportunities, 1988-92.

From 1983-1994, he served as Senior Finance Officer of the Australia Council, the Federal Government’s arts funding body. Returning to Sydney, he first served as lecturer in accounting and management accounting at the International College of Tourism & Hotel Management, Manly (now the International College of Management).

He currently lectures and/or tutors at several internationally-focussed universities in Sydney in the general subject areas of accounting and management and specialises in the teaching of international students at diploma, graduate and post-graduate levels.