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Blogs for Family Historians


  • 2 hours with 20 minute break
    2 separate talks of 1 hour each
Hosting Reqirements
  • I would PREFER the host to provide an internet connection
    I REQUIRE the host to provide a data projector
Handout notes supplied
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Other Notes: A handout giving the addresses of all websites mentioned in the talk will be provided.

A blog is a website for letting people know what you’re doing and what you’ve found, and can be an effective way to locate other family researchers. In this session you will learn about blogs – what they are, what they are for, how to find them, how to create your own, and why you would want to.

The talk is in two parts. The first part covers blogs in general:

  • a definition and description of blogs and blogging
  • some examples of family history-related blogs, mostly from Australia
  • how to find blogs
  • how to keep up-to-date with new blog posts

The second part demonstrates how to start your own blog:

  • reasons for starting a blog
  • finding a host
  • security and privacy
  • live demonstration of starting a blog on Blogger

The talk was designed to be given over two hours with a break for morning tea between the two parts. It could be split into two talks of an hour each with more live demonstrations.