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Research methodology

Research methodology

Document Analysis: Getting the Most from your Research Documents

Obtaining genealogical information from documents is a key skill for any family historian. Generally a document has been obtained to determine some key information such as a birth, marriage, death, probate etc which will help in furthering your research. It is important to ensure that all the information contained within the document is abstracted not just the answer to your current problem.This presentation looks at ways to ensure you have wrung out every last scrap of information available in your document.

Norfolk Island 1st Settlement 1788 - 1814

The People of the Norfolk Island 1788 - 1814.
Includes Convicts, NSW Corps and free settlers, deaths and Headstones, resources for researchers

  • Victualling books
  • Population returns
  • Land grants
  • Shipping records
  • Journals and diaries
  • Musters
  • Baptism, burial and marriage records
  • Population returns and much more

Old Sydney Burial Ground 1792 – 1820

Discover the history of the Old Sydney Burial ground (today the Sydney Town Hall) and the discovery of grave and headstones. Just who is buried there ... from Convicts ... free settlers  ... NSW Corps.

There are over 2400 people buried from 1792 - 1820.

What were the burial practices in NSW 1788 - 1820.

What surviving records are available for the Old Sydney Burial Ground

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