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Land ahoy! Tracing ancestors who arrived by sea


  • 45-60 minutes
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Four groups of people sailed to Australia in the colonial years: convicts, passengers, sailors and soldiers. Through her job with the ABGR and BDA Projects, Carol Baxter edited or processed records relating to all four groups of individuals. She edited the CD-ROMs Convicts to NSW 1788-1812 and the Free Passengers to NSW 1826-1837, the latter including records relating to ship’s crew members, as well as earlier and later sources of similar records. She also worked on military records and, for example, was able to determine the ships of arrival and departure for almost every member of the 1400 strong 73rd Regiment, even though these details were rarely included in the military lists. This seminar covers the different available sources and offers suggestions for overcoming research difficulties.

- 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation