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Shipping & migration

Shipping & migration

Land ahoy! Tracing ancestors who arrived by sea

Four groups of people sailed to Australia in the colonial years: convicts, passengers, sailors and soldiers. Through her job with the ABGR and BDA Projects, Carol Baxter edited or processed records relating to all four groups of individuals. She edited the CD-ROMs Convicts to NSW 1788-1812 and the Free Passengers to NSW 1826-1837, the latter including records relating to ship’s crew members, as well as earlier and later sources of similar records.

Arrived by sea: a comprehensive examination of “Free” passenger records

As editor of the passenger records published in the CD-ROM Free Passengers 1826-1837, and General Editor of the Biographical Database of Australia, Carol Baxter spent many months finding and processing records relating to non-convicts arrivals. This seminar provides an exhaustive examination of the types of records available (both well-known and obscure), their purpose, contents and location.

– 45/60 minutes – Powerpoint presentation

Findmypast - the World Collection

Exactly what is happening at findmypast? The last couple of years have seen huge growth in multiple directions – in records from Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, America, in the original UK site itself and the launch of the British Newspaper Archives by brightsolid. All this means much better access to records for local and family historians and is very exciting to see. Where to now?

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