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DNA: Using DNA to solve Genealogical Puzzles

DNA  testing has been highlighted in the media and is an exciting new tool for family historians to enhance their research. This presentation will discuss using DNA testing in family history, the various types of tests and what they do (or don’t do!) and demystify the terms. Examples will be shown of how DNA testing has answered research questions and we will talk about how to determine the best person to test for the Genealogy puzzle you need to solve.

Archaic medical terms

DNA for genealogists

Learn how the genetic markers in DNA can help you find your ancestors, when genealogy is combined with genetics. How do you decide which DNA tests and which DNA testing companies best suit what you want to know?

Links for further reading about the subject as well as for the DNA testing companies and DNA databases can be found at http://familyhistoryresearch.com.au/courses/dna/index.htm

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